Alpine indulgence at the Bergland

Ever wanted to take your nanny along on a luxury spa holiday in the Alps?

Hotel Bergland, Soelden, Austria

A sheikh who frequently visits Sölden with his family does. And he likes for his nanny to be comfortable as well. So the newly refurbished Hotel Bergland custom designed a 212m² suite, comprising three bedrooms – one for mum and dad, one for the children – and one for nanny, all with separate baths and large panorama balconies overlooking Ötztal.

Bergland hotel, Soelden, Austria
Nanny’s room – might not be such a bad job…

It’s also possible for a group of friends to rent the large, comfortable suite. EUR 1200 per night is a bit of a splurge – but when divided by six it isn’t so bad.

Bergland hotel, Soelden, Austria

The Bergland also offers simpler, yet spacious double rooms – more than adequate, I’d say – at an affordable EUR 140 per night. All prices include a sumptuous breakfast buffet, gourmet dinners, free use of all facilities, and even participating in guided hikes, bike rides, skiing, ice climbing, etc.

Bergland hotel, Soelden, Austria

The fabulous SkySpa is a whopping 1700 m² and offers all kinds of exercise and beauty regimens. Pure indulgence.

Bergland hotel, Soelden, Austria

Treatment rooms are named for natural elements – earth, water, crystal, air, mountain, fire, energy – all with different forms of massage on offer.

Bergland hotel, Soelden, Austria

There’s even a pleasant Raum der Stille, Room of Silence – with rows of hay beds where people mostly go to sleep.

Bergland hotel, Soelden, Austria
Raum der Stille

Everywhere in the spa you’ll have fabulous mountain views.
View from Bergland hotel, Soelden, Austria

Who needs TVs on their exercise bikes?
Hotel Bergland, Soelden, Austria

I was interested to see free-standing bath tubs in the bed rooms, a common feature in many Alpine spa hotels these days, we were told. What do you think? Strange? Sexy? Both?

Bergland hotel, Soelden, Austria

Disclosure: I was in Ötztal as a guest of the Austrian Tourist Board. As always, all opinions are my own.


27 Responses to “Alpine indulgence at the Bergland”

  1. jenjenk 3 October 2011 1723 #

    yeah…not a big fan of the bathtub in the bedroom…reminds me of old vegas. weird. 🙂

    although if i had THOSE views from the gym, I’d go every day!! hehehe!
    jenjenk recently posted..Oklahoma State Fair

  2. Michael Figueiredo 3 October 2011 1725 #

    Looks like a beautiful place! I love those mountain views!
    Michael Figueiredo recently posted..Spotlight On: Raymond Walsh of “Man on the Lam”

  3. Angela 3 October 2011 2025 #

    I knew I chose the wrong job, I should have chosen to be a nanny… Such a structure at 140€ is not huge, if dinner is even included, along with all other facilities, it’s quite affordable. Beautiful views!
    Angela recently posted..Exploring Jaisalmer, possibly my favorite city in the Rajasthan

  4. Technosyncratic 3 October 2011 2056 #

    Wow, that nanny room is nice! And yeah, those mountain views just might get me to the gym. 😉
    Technosyncratic recently posted..A Day in the Life of a Housesitter

  5. Kim 3 October 2011 2150 #

    I’m drawn to that room of silence. The color scheme looks so calm and relaxing. Hay beds, you said?

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 3 October 2011 2201 #

      @Kim – Yes. the mattresses are filled with locally grown hay and essential oils. A bit unusual at first, then very pleasant and relaxing.

  6. Petter 3 October 2011 2208 #

    I’d love to work out in that gym. And then maybe go for a run in the hills, too. The bath… sexy. Definitely.

  7. Abby 3 October 2011 2318 #

    I would love for my bedroom to look like that! The photo of the church/village is amazing.
    Abby recently posted..Ojai or Why I Don’t Go To L.A.

  8. RyukyuMike 4 October 2011 0441 #

    Wow, you got me thinking, now. I want to become a nanny !

  9. Italian Notes 4 October 2011 1104 #

    With decor like that it is tempting to take up skiing.

  10. Annie - FootTracker 4 October 2011 1425 #

    I am not sure if I like the have a tube right near my bed….a little too exotic?

    But I do love the overall interior design and the furniture. Makes winter feel a bit warmer there.
    Annie – FootTracker recently posted..SF (12) Zen Mode Away From Study @ Ocean Beach

  11. JoAnna 4 October 2011 1638 #

    Super cute! I love all those colorful pillows!
    JoAnna recently posted..Images: Great Reno Balloon Race | Reno, Nevada

  12. Andrea 4 October 2011 1844 #

    Wow – makes me want to become a nanny, haha =)

  13. The Travel Chica 4 October 2011 1932 #

    Wow! This place looks so nice. Love the room of silence.

  14. Christy @ Ordinary Traveler 5 October 2011 0017 #

    I’ve never thought about taking my nanny to a luxurious spa holiday, but now I may have to consider the idea of becoming a nanny. 🙂
    Christy @ Ordinary Traveler recently posted..The Night I Thought We Might Drown in a Flash Flood

  15. Jeremy Branham 5 October 2011 0147 #

    Wow, you can’t beat the views from this place. Alpine views – perfect! Not sure I could afford it but man what a life that nanny leads!
    Jeremy Branham recently posted..Celebrate Oktoberfest with the family in Huntington Beach

  16. robin 5 October 2011 1240 #

    Re; the bath – both!!
    robin recently posted..Migration

  17. Green Beauty Girl 6 October 2011 1921 #

    Love the open layout of the place. The rooms have so much ” character”. It is beautiful. Love the mountain views. Bathtub in bedroom, OK. Bathroom in bedroom, not so much!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 6 October 2011 2012 #

      @GreenBeautyGirl – haha, I agree.

  18. Anne-Sophie Redisch 7 October 2011 0214 #

    Thanks for commenting, everyone. Much appreciated 🙂

  19. Laurel 7 October 2011 1041 #

    Looks lovely, but I’m not sure about the free standing bathtub, wouldn’t water get everywhere? Maybe I’m just too practical.
    Laurel recently posted..Food Friday: Pumpkin Wine

  20. RON | 7 October 2011 1813 #

    The view of the valley compelled me to burst into a song… daaaaaaaaaaaaa Hills are alive—–LOL!

  21. Klara 7 October 2011 2312 #

    wow the hotel seems to be beautiful! you surely had a great time there. and the nanny… i’d like to be your nanny as well;)
    Klara recently posted..Lippenvergrößerung

  22. Shirlene from Idelish 8 October 2011 0342 #

    Hmm… not sure if I’m a fan of the bath tub in the middle of the bedroom concept! It’s nice that you can watch TV while in the bathtub though!
    Shirlene from Idelish recently posted..{USA} Luxurious Grand Wailea in Maui

  23. Anne-Sophie Redisch 11 October 2011 1100 #

    @Laurel – Yeah, I tend to view things from the practical side as well. But as long as I’m not the one who has to clean up…
    @Ron – I can picture you skipping about with Maria out there 🙂
    @Klara – It really was a beautiful, well thought-out hotel
    @Shirlene – A bit unusual, isn’t it? I’d give it a try, though…

  24. Sabina 4 November 2011 0823 #

    This looks like such a fabulous place and the view is spectacular! I love Austria.
    Sabina recently posted..Dahab, Egypt for Beginners Like Me

  25. Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 November 2011 1105 #

    @Sabina – So do I! Austria was the first country I visited on my own (well, without my family). I was 15 then, and still have such great memories from that holiday, so Austria will always be special to me.

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