Feeling weightless in a Tyrolean spa

I like autumn, I really do. It’s the most beautiful of seasons. It’s just that we’ve had such a wet summer up here in Scandinavia this year. Warm summer rain has simply turned into cold autumn rain. As days are getting shorter and work busier than ever, I think back on an all-too-brief stay at Aquadome, Tyrol’s biggest – and, dare I say it – most creatively designed spa. A few days here would go over nicely right now. Unplugged days!

View from room, Aquadome, Längenfeld, Ötztal

The buildings look like they have sprung from the ground, clerverly blending into the surrounding valley..
Aquadome Spa, Längendeld, Ötztal

Floating pools

Aquadome Spa, Längendeld, Ötztal
The coolest feature of this Alpine spa is the three thermal pools shaped like floating bowls. You’ll feel weightless.

Amble to the spa in your bathrobe

Aquadome, Längenfeld, Ötztal Aquadome, Längenfeld, Ötztal
Aquadome is a local favourite, a fun day out for the whole family. But if you’re from further afield, you may want to stay at the adjoined hotel, connected with tunnels, so you can walk all the way in a bathrobe.

Of course, Central Europe means nude spas and Aquadome is no exception. No worries, there’s a special little section for the more modest amongst us. There’s a large gym, too. Exercise machines have individual TV-screens, just in case the views don’t interest you.
Aquadome, Längendeld, Ötztal

If gymnastics of the mind is more what you’re after, Aquadome offers a library as well.
Library, Aquadome, Längenfeld, Ötztal

And a Stilleraum, a silent room for quiet contemplation.
Room of silence, Aquadome, Längendeld, Ötztal

Indoor and outdoor dining with a view.
Aquadome, Längenfeld, Ötztal

Aquadome, Längendeld, Ötztal

Afterwards, it’s easy to work off a few calories with these fun eBikes.
Aquadome, Längenfeld, Ötztal - eBike


  • Aquadome is in the Ötztal Valley and Innbruck is the nearest airport. There are trains or a bus going directly from Innsbruck to Längenfeld.
  • Three hours in the spa cost €18 on weekdays, or €20,50 on weekends. Day passes are €24,50 or €26,50, respectively. Half price for children 3 – 13, and family tickets are available.

How about you? Does a quick spa break right about now sound all right to you?

Disclosure: I stayed at Aquadome as a guest of the Austrian Tourist Board. As ever, all opinions are of course my own.

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17 Responses to “Feeling weightless in a Tyrolean spa”

  1. Julie McNamee 3 October 2012 2026 #

    Ha ha – read your headline and tried to imagine feeling weightless anywhere. I can’t. ;o)

    That looks like a treat and a half – think I would use the modest section, though.
    Julie McNamee recently posted..Ten Oddball Museums in the US

  2. Ana O 3 October 2012 2114 #

    Those pools look so cool!
    Ana O recently posted..Jardín Japonés – Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires [photo essay]

  3. wow! That’s some pretty amazing architecture. I would go there in a heartbeat. And don’t tempt me with a spa break! I am in dire need of one…

    – Maria Alexandra
    Nomadic Translator @latinAbroad recently posted..Simple Venezuelan food recipes: Arepas and cachapas (videos)

  4. ItalianNotes 4 October 2012 0943 #

    I’ve never stayed at a spa, but at least now I’ve got an idea of what it’s like.
    ItalianNotes recently posted..Venice islands you don’t want to miss

  5. Muza-chan 4 October 2012 1517 #

    A great place for relaxation
    Muza-chan recently posted..A Japanese Song per Day: Kobukuro – Blue Bird

  6. jenny@atasteoftravel 4 October 2012 1526 #

    Yes, a few days there would be lovely!! I can imagine there are some lovely walks around the area too if you wanted to leave the grounds!
    jenny@atasteoftravel recently posted..The Cloisters: A Hidden Museum in New York

  7. Lisa 4 October 2012 2202 #

    That place looks amazing – I don’t think that I would ever want to leave again! I particularly like those floating pools!
    Lisa recently posted..Chicago Architectural Cruise

  8. I am from Kodaikanal 5 October 2012 1313 #

    You must experience Ayurvedic Spa from Kerala.

  9. Leigh 5 October 2012 1623 #

    Would absolutely love a break like this – though at least we had a glorious summer. Hope your work load lightens a tad.
    Leigh recently posted..Photo Essay: Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

  10. Sherry 6 October 2012 0203 #

    Well, I don’t know if I can stand the feeling of weightlessness, but the surroundings looks like a definite plus to go. But this is another country I skipped out on when I was touring Europe. I keep having regrets. Nice to keep tabs for next time.

  11. Michael Figueiredo 6 October 2012 0738 #

    I’d love to take a dip in those floating pools. How cool!
    Michael Figueiredo recently posted..National Cruise Vacation Week 2012

  12. Christina 7 October 2012 0107 #

    I love spa breaks! Look at those floating pools. And the dining with a view… big fan. My next spa break will be at the Polynesian Spa in Rotorua, NZ! Looking forward!
    Christina recently posted..AWESOME road trip: announcing my Blog4NZ fundraiser

  13. Cathy Sweeney 7 October 2012 0342 #

    I really could use a few unplugged days at this spa! Very cool place, especially the thermal pools.Am I ready for the nudist section? Not sure. I’ll decide when I get there. :)
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..Flavors of Catalonia

  14. Steve 7 October 2012 0350 #

    The grounds and the buildings look amazing, but when you say “unplugged days”, you mean your choice right? It’s not enforced at the spa is it, because that would be a deal breaker.
    Steve recently posted..Wishing on the Weekend

  15. Mark Hodson 8 October 2012 0916 #

    I’ve stayed somewhere similar in Austria, but the setting wasn’t as dramatic as this one. Those mountains rising out of the valley floor look amazing. My only slight reservation is the full nudity – fine in the spa, but slightly disconcerting on the sun decks!
    Mark Hodson recently posted..Monarch summer 2013 flights

  16. Gigi 8 October 2012 2139 #

    Wow! I’ve been there in Tirol skiing, it’s such a beautiful country! Innsbruck is one of my favorite cities in Austria, with its historical and high-tech mixed architecture!
    Gigi recently posted..A fogbeültetés története: fogpótlás régen és ma

  17. Travelwriticus 20 October 2012 1533 #

    In the last months I spent many nights at hotels with small spa areas of their own. A good alternative if there is no complete spa nearby.
    Travelwriticus recently posted..Museums of Austria on Twitter

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