Visiting Cambridge

I was recently visiting Cambridge yet again. Business brought me there last week. We stayed at the University Arms, a very nice hotel (a slight scent of mothballs notwithstanding) and tried a few good restaurants, such as De Lucca Cuccina and Brasserie Gerard, all 34 of us.

Visiting Cambridge

Cambridge history

I love visiting Cambridge. It’s one of my favourite cities in England. I could totally live there for a while. History just creeps up on you at every corner. It’s very easy to imagine students and dons in black capes walking here 800 years ago. Imagine that – 800 years! (Or 799, to be exact). Time travel indeed!

And more modern history as well – like the cosy pub The Eagle – practically home of the Double Helix, where Crick and Watson announced they had found the secret of life. Also, according to David and Mavis, passionate Cambridge guides, Queen Sonja (of Norway), used to work at The Eagle as a barmaid. A bit difficult to imagine, that.

A lot harder, actually, than picturing the fantastic King’s College Chapel full of 15th century students – or for that matter full of Hogwarts students sitting in the pews or flying about on a Nimbus 2000. Although to be fair to that “other university”, that was actually filmed at Christ Church dining hall in Oxford.

All in all, a very educational outing with these two enthusiastic Cantabrigians. I didn’t know Harvard University was named for a Cambridge man, John Harvard, who received his MA from Emmanuel College here at Cambridge in the 1635. Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of Harvard University, was consequently named in honour of Cambridge University.


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