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Oak Alley, a classic Southern Antebellum Plantation

Have you ever visited a southern plantation? In New Orleans, I saw two. The first was the unusual Creole plantation Laura – very different from what we think of as a typical southern plantation. Now let’s have a look at the classic Antebellum mansion. Come with me to Oak Alley.

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Atlantic Canada road trip

Canada is in demand these days. The country has a progressive and wildly popular prime minister, and Americans are once again looking to flee north. But this isn’t a political blog. It’s a travel blog. And summer is coming. Road trip! The open road! The vast spaces! The freedom to stop whenever you want! Is there […]

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A Day Like Any Other Day

It’s a chilly winter day and I’m in the state where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. The Sooner state, the Boomer Paradise, the core of Tornado Alley, the only state with an active oil rig next to the state capitol building. Lately, also home of earthquakes, very possibly man-made. Among all the nicknames, […]

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Near Batsheba, Barbados

Silent Sunday: The rugged and beautiful beach at Batsheba in Barbados

The rugged and beautiful beach at Batsheba Barbados, in the Caribbean

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Toronto skyline framed

Silent Retro Sunday: Toronto skyline, 1995

Toronto skyline, Ontario, Canada 1995

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Rolling cigars in Cuba

Silent Retro Sunday: Rolling Cigars in Cuba, Santiago 1996

Rolling cigars in Cuba, Santiago 1996

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Cycling past the beach, Dominica

Silent Retro Sunday: Biking by the Bay, Dominica 1995

Biking by the Bay, Dominica 1995

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