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World at a Glance: Old Town Corfu

Ah Greece! Looking out my window this grey November afternoon, with the heat not properly working yet in my new office …sigh. One can always dream. ‘Hang on’, you ask… ‘that photo above, where is the azure Aegean sea? The white-washed houses with blue domes? The absurdly photogenic felines stretching in the noonday sun? In […]

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Greece: A guide for history buffs

I haven’t been in Greece for a while, but a trip is in the works. Meanwhile, I’ve asked Kristy Moore, a travel writer with a particular interest in Europe’s historical attractions, to share her Greek history faves. Here’s Kristy: There’s probably no holiday destination more famous for its fantastically rich history than Greece. Peppered with […]

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Postcard from Lesbos

Sappho is celebrated as a Lesbian poet. And of course she was – as is every inhabitant of Lesbos, man or woman. But was she also a lesbian?

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The Macedonian naming dispute

The Macedonian naming dispute: How Greece and Macedonia battle over the name Macedonia. And over the nationality of Alexander the Great.

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