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Silent Sunday: Little boats on the beach, Alghero in Sardinia

Characteristic little boats pulled up on the beach, Alghero in Sardinia, Italy.

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Cooking in Italy

As I drive east, the gentle rolling hills of Tuscany gradually give way to lofty peaks and deep valleys. The scenery takes my breath away, in every sense: I draw a deep breath before setting down steep roads next to sheer drops, no guard rails. I’m on the way to Le Marche, a region in […]

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San Remo by Instagram (mostly)

Hearing the name San Remo, I’m reminded of my teens. Not that I was ever there then; what I remember is reading about it in the weekly mags, specifically about the glamorous princesses of Monaco going to San Remo for shopping. Sometimes I’m surprised how the impressions from childhood – or, I suppose, teenagehood, remain […]

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The lonely convent

Once upon a time there was a convent. This convent was very old and tired, its walls were falling down and the roof had many holes. The convent was sad because no one lived there anymore. And it was used to having many occupants; the nuns of the Confraternity of Saint Mary of the Disciplined […]

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And the waters ran red with blood…

By Alexandra Redisch at Lake Trasimeno Last April I found myself in a palazzo in Umbria, listening to enthusiastic Hannibal scholar, professor Giovanni Brizzi. He walks me through the epic battle that played out on the banks of Lake Trasimeno more than two thousand years ago. This is where the Roman army met the fearsome Hannibal of Carthage, […]

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Torre Argentina: Cats among Roman ruins

By Alexandra Redisch and the stray cats in Rome If you, like me, have a tendency to wander about new cities with no special purpose or goal, you sometimes end up at the most amazing places. Not having a defined destination is liberating to me. The goal itself is to wander and experience the feeling […]

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The Renaissance man from Vinci

Who’s in your ideal circle of friends? My list is long, and most are long gone. Near the top is a man who was born in this house in Vinci.

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