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Five reasons to visit Banaue in the Philippines

Today, I’d like to introduce you the two Polish travel bloggers behind eTramping. Agness and Cez have recently visited the Philippines and are keen to share the beauty of the rural areas, the little towns and villages. Here are five reasons to visit Banaue. The Philippines is a top travel destination in Asia. Main reasons? […]

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2013: A photo journey

Dear reader, I’m allowing myself one more indulgent post at the end of the year – last one this year, I promise Hoping to inspire a touch of wanderlust, here’s a little photo journey of 2013. January: Britain, South Africa, Denmark   2013 began with a quick stop in London, one of my favourite cities, […]

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The 13 best of 2013

Delving into Google Analytics has become a fun little exercise this time of year. As always, I’m a bit baffled at which articles do well, and yet again, some of the older articles do very well. From this, I can draw two conclusions about readers of Sophie’s World: You’re interested in places off the beaten […]

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The 12 best of 2012, your faves on Sophie’s World

Digging into Google Analytics, I see you keep enjoying some of the older articles. No less than three 2011 faves top the list this year as well. Here are your 12 best of 2012.

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Gilded statue on Graben street in Vienna, Austria

Five Faves in Vienna

I’ve been in Vienna many times, but haven’t seen half as much of this beautiful city as I would have liked. Here are five faces.

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The travel ABC of Sophie’s World

Travel ABCs are all the rage in the travel blogging circuit these days. Fun idea! Here’s the travel ABC of Sophie’s World:

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The 11 Best of 2011

As 2012 is just beginning to settle in, I’ve had a look through my analytics to see what you liked best on Sophie’s World in 2011. Some of your choices surprised me, some completely charmed me, all pleased me. Nothing says New Year like a list, so I’ll hop right in and give you the […]

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