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(English) World at a Glance: Maputo fish market

Denne artikkelen er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.

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(English) Imizamo Yethu: Life in a township

Denne artikkelen er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.

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(English) Catalonia – a new European state?

(English) Something is different in Catalonia. Independence flags wave from windows and balconies all over the region, long after the national day, 11 September.

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(English) The Lesotho Incident

(English) It’s a hot January day and I’m in a minibus, flying across a Lesotho mountain road, wondering whether the holes in the windscreen are caused by bullets…

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(English) Lihallen: An Arctic Art Gallery

(English) High above Sigerfjord village, outside Sortland, Norway’s Blue Town, is Lihallen Kulturgård, a fab Arctic Art Gallery and meeting location.

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(English) The Renaissance man from Vinci

(English) Who’s in your ideal circle of friends? My list is long, and most are long gone. Near the top is a man who was born in this house in Vinci.

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Alt om snaps – på den naturlige måten

The Backer schnapps is all-natural, hand-made – in short, the good stuff. If further proof of quality is required, medals and awards abound.

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