Jennifer Lo Prete, host of this week’s Blogsherpa Travel Carnival, challenged us LP bloggers to write a post about unusual foreign food finds.

Immediately, I thought of all the peculiar foods I saw when I lived in the USA. Spray cheese – how weird is that? Or powdered eggs? Strange combinations of food is a category all on its own: peanut butter and jelly (jam), mixed together in a jar? And here’s one I never saw back then: Jimmy Dean’s Blueberry Pancake and Sausage on a stick. (I’m still not sure I believe this is a real product). And let’s not forget spam. The list is endless; it’s just too difficult to choose. So instead, I had a look in my local super market – foreign to most of you, if not to me :) – and re-discovered Sodd.

Sodd is a meat- and vegetable soup, comprising lamb, meatballs, carrots and potatoes. It’s a very traditional dish, especially in the Trøndelag region in Mid-Norway. Sodd is a favourite party food, usually served with thin flatbread, beer and some good, strong Akevitt. There’s even a Sodd fan page on facebook.

There’s nothing unusual about the ingredients, nothing odd with Sodd. Apart from the name. British tourists, in particular, seem to be fascinated with this wholesome product. Even Bill Bryson mentions it in one of his books. Or was it Michael Palin? Possibly both.

Have a look at Jennifer’s post to see more interesting foreign food finds, including fried tarantulas, imitation baby eel, jellied cow stomach soup and pig placenta drinks.

Photos by beaufour and storuman on flickr’s Creative Commons

6 Responses to “Sodd”

  1. Steve 7 June 2010 0306 #

    I’ve eaten seaweed flavored pringles and a durian while traveling. The durian has such a strong aroma that it is banned from eating in certain enclosed areas. Probably the strangest food I’ve seen is Lutefisk. Really gross.

    • Anne-Sophie 8 June 2010 0901 #

      Lutefisk is definitely an acquired taste. But then, so is peanut butter :)

  2. Lola 7 June 2010 1218 #

    I think the worst thing I’ve eaten has to be Surströmming –

    • Anne-Sophie 8 June 2010 0907 #

      Ooh yes, surströmming is pretty horrible. Just like all the fermented fish dishes in Sweden, Norway and Iceland, it’s something you love or hate – nothing in between.

      Love your photos in that article, Lola. Btw, read somewhere that production of surströmming might be nearing the end due to EU-regulations.

  3. Christian 14 June 2010 0441 #

    Sodd is a great midnight meal at parties too:)

  4. Kim 2 July 2010 1331 #

    “Nothing odd with Sodd”. Haha :)

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