The Hollywood Gang Hideaway

On a dramatic cliff in the hills above a large, brawling city, there’s a hotel. A deliciously kitsch, bright pink Hollywood hideaway in Acapulco, a secret refuge for film stars in the 1950s.

Hollywood Hideaway in Acapulco

Now, we only stopped for the spectacular ocean views, and for drinks on a hot day, so this will not be a proper hotel review. I know nothing about the rooms. I hear they’re fairly basic, but all I saw were large, lovely balconies and a board announcing very reasonable prices.

Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico

A Hollywood Hideaway in Acapulco

Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico

Hotel Los Flamingos isn’t just any hotel. This was the haunt and secret hideaway of 1950s Hollywood stars.

John Wayne, Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, Fred Mc Murray, Rex Allen, Red Skelton, Roy Rogers and Tarzan himself, Johnny Weissmuller, all hung about here, hiding away from the less than relaxing Hollywood life. Their photographs line the lobby walls, some a bit… self-indulgent, shall we say?

Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico

I can’t help but notice a distinct lack of females, Hollywood stars or otherwise. A hideaway from women, too, perhaps?

Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico

Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico

View from Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico

Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico

Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico

I’d love to spend a night or two in this world of faded grandeur. Sunsets must be grand up here. Sunrises, too, of course. But somehow this place seems to inspire late nights rather than early mornings.

Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico

A lazy afternoon in the hammock, on the other hand, a slight ocean breeze, a Margarita in hand… – or perhaps a yummy Coco Loco, invented here, I’m told.

Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco, Mexico

Hotel Los Flamingos is located near La Quebrada of mad cliff diver fame. Acapulco’s main square and several beaches are within walking distance (if you can stand the heat).



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  1. ItalianNotes 21 December 2011 0901 #

    Nice new blog design:D And Interesting place. What do the paper cuttings under the ceiling symbolize?

  2. Anne-Sophie Redisch 21 December 2011 1717 #

    @Italian Notes – Thanks 🙂

    Not sure about the paper cuttings. I’ve heard Mexicans use paper cuttings quite a bit for decorative purposes. These are very well made, I think. (Much better than anything I could do, anyway). We were there just a few days after New Year’s, so I think they may have been decorations left over from that.

  3. RyukyuMike 21 December 2011 1726 #

    WOW! Sophie, Nice new-look ! Hit ya W/Everythin’ I got !

  4. Cathy Sweeney 21 December 2011 1744 #

    Very cool find, Sophie. Hotel Los Flamingos has such interesting history, too. Would love to know some of the secrets of this place.

    Love your blog’s new look, too!

  5. Abby 21 December 2011 1922 #

    If I could only snap my fingers and wake up there….

  6. Anne-Sophie Redisch 21 December 2011 2316 #

    @Mike – thanks!

    @Cathy – Would be interesting to have been a fly on the wall here, wouldn’t it?

    @Abby – I know exactly what you mean 🙂

  7. Lisa 21 December 2011 2338 #

    What a cool place that would be to stay! It may have been a hideaway for Hollywood men but I can think of at least one little girl who would go mad for a pink hotel.

    Great new blog look for a new year – have a wonderful holiday season!!

  8. Anne-Sophie Redisch 21 December 2011 2350 #

    @Lisa – a girly dream, isn’t it? Although my 10-year-old seems to prefer black these days…

  9. Nancie 22 December 2011 0155 #

    Would love to spend a few days there. Great set of shots!

  10. Leigh 22 December 2011 0513 #

    Love the drama of the hotel and staying at a place with that kind of Hollywood history would probably prove very interesting.
    Also love your new look. Looking at other’s blogs gets me thinking of ways to improve mine.

    Happy holidays. Have fun with your kids.

  11. Denise 22 December 2011 0610 #

    That’s definitely too much pink!

  12. Mary @ The World Is A Book 22 December 2011 0720 #

    Beautiful and colorful photos! It’s such an interesting place. For a lack of female presence, there sure is a lot of hot pink going on here. Those hammocks look very inviting.

  13. Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 December 2011 0726 #

    @Nancie – Thanks!

    @Leigh – I think so, too. Would be fascinating to get a feel for another era.

    @Denise – Not into pink, eh? It *can* be a bit over-powering.

    @Mary – Yeah… all these masculine men and a bright pink hideaway…

  14. jade 22 December 2011 0729 #

    Ah, I would love to stay at this hotel- how cherry! The bright pink and mexican cut out stringers are awesome!

  15. Muza-chan 22 December 2011 0823 #

    Great article, Sophie 🙂

  16. Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 December 2011 0831 #

    @Jade – Very artistic, these cutouts, aren’t they?

    @Muza-chan – Thanks!

  17. Angela 22 December 2011 0859 #

    Sweet hotel, the colors match your new design 🙂 Well done 😉

  18. Andrea 22 December 2011 1412 #

    LOVE!! What a fantastic retreat

  19. Ryan 22 December 2011 1519 #

    Ooh your in good company here, I can see why the Hollywood elite enjoyed it.

    Wishing you a Happy Christmas

  20. Laurel 22 December 2011 1607 #

    I like the new look of your blog too! I would love to stay here, so much drama, and I love the hot pink and possibly the chance to run into a celebrity.

  21. Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 December 2011 1705 #

    @Angela – It does match a bit, doesn’ it…

    @Andrea and Ryan – it really was a cool place 🙂

    @Laurel – don’t know if many celebrities come here these days. I was told the rooms are fairly plain, and I suppose today’s stars have higher demands for luxuries… Would be fun to meet the ghosts of Tarzan and John Wayne, though…

  22. Jackie Smith 22 December 2011 1710 #

    This place is going on our bucket list! Thanks for this post. Great photos.

  23. Eileen Ludwig 22 December 2011 1745 #

    Love the look of this hotel and the views are nice too

  24. Dick Jordan 22 December 2011 1831 #

    Reminds me of the El Rancho Hotel ( in Gallup, New Mexico, where every room is named after a movie star who stayed at the place. (Also, even though I was a guest, they don’t name rooms after travel bloggers).

  25. Sherry 22 December 2011 1912 #

    Pink and on a cliff – that would definitely attract me! Slightly kitchy indeed. But those often turn out to be the most interesting places to visit.

  26. Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 December 2011 2332 #

    @Jackie and Eileen – Thanks!

    @Dick – Sounds like an interesting place. I do like hotels that offer more than just a bed for the night. But no rooms named after bloggers? Some day…

    @Sherry – completely agree.

  27. Jenna 23 December 2011 0720 #

    Interesting! The combo of a beautiful location, bright colors, and Hollywood history makes me want to stay there!

  28. Robert 23 December 2011 1235 #

    This looks like a really cool, secret hideaway! Love all those bright photos. Acapulco, here I come. I wish 🙁

  29. Tina 23 December 2011 1312 #

    OMG – pink, flamingos, hammocks, Hollywood stars from the glorious old days. And Tarzan! And the views! I looove this place. How did I not know about this!!! Thanks sooo much for telling about this ab fab hotel!

  30. Stephanie - The Travel Chica 23 December 2011 1823 #

    Cool place!

  31. Anne-Sophie Redisch 23 December 2011 2311 #

    @Jenna, Robert, Tina and Stephanie – Thanks for stopping by!

    @Everyone – Thank you so much for your kind comments on my new blog design (courtesy of Rich at Brilliant Travel Media, btw) and all the best for Christmas and the new year 🙂

  32. Randy 30 December 2011 0551 #

    What a classic place! Definitely would love to check it out. Really digging the new look of Sophie’s World too!

  33. Anne-Sophie Redisch 2 January 2012 1151 #

    @Randy – Thanks 🙂

  34. Raymond @ Man On The Lam 4 January 2012 0856 #

    Tarzan’s hideaway? How cool is that?!?

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 January 2012 2056 #

      I know, right?

  35. Alexa from 13 January 2012 1625 #

    The photos are great. Really enjoyed the photo gallery.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 14 January 2012 2033 #

      Thanks, Alexa!

  36. dtravelsround 20 January 2012 0835 #

    what a cool-looking place!! i would love to visit!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 January 2012 2057 #

      Very cool. I’d love to stay for a few days.

  37. Kent @ NVR 7 March 2012 1711 #

    I agree with Abby…. to snap your fingers and wake up there 🙂

  38. Anne-Sophie Redisch 7 March 2012 1740 #

    Wouldn’t that be just fab, Kent? (Especially right now as I’m looking at snow falling outside my window!)

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