World at a Glance: Maputo fish market

Maputo fish market

I was going through some old photos and this one from the fish market in Maputo brought a smile to my face. It’s been about 15 years, gosh – yet I remember well wandering through this lively bazaar and chatting with these friendly, cheeky ladies.

The Maputo fish market was near the beach – still is, I expect, and everything from the sea was for sale: tiger fish and just about every other kind of ectothermic gill-bearing aquatic animal; there were crab, crayfish, shrimp, clams – all of it incredibly fresh. At the market, you can buy fish to take home, or, curiously, pop over to one of the restaurans in the vicinity and watch them cook it (i.e. grill it over charcoal) for you for 100 meticais or thereabouts (a couple of euros), rice and veggies included.

My fish-loving 12-year-old would love it. In fact, perhaps Mozambique should be our next holiday spot. Now, to find a horse for her to ride…

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8 Responses to “World at a Glance: Maputo fish market”

  1. Mette 22 February 2014 1149 #

    Beautiful memories, though it seems to me there aren’t that many fish in the sea anymore. Please, ascertain that this is not the case in Maputo when you have found a horse to take you back:)

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 27 February 2014 1930 #


  2. Mary @ Green Global Travel 24 February 2014 0047 #

    If your 12 year-old loves fish, I’m certain that they will like the market! Thanks for sharing this little flashback. 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 27 February 2014 1930 #

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary.

  3. Salika Jay 25 February 2014 0952 #

    It’s nice you can take the fish to a restaurant to get it grilled. Reminds me of fish markets in Phuket.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 27 February 2014 1931 #

      Unusual, I thought.

  4. I love getting cheap, fresh meals at local markets when I travel.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 3 March 2014 1103 #

      Me, too. Especially when I don’t have to cook it myself 🙂

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