Munch at Oslo airport

Are you familiar with the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch?

Munch paintings

You will at least have seen his work Skrik (Scream) in one of its many forms, if not as a painting, perhaps as a punching bag?

A year ago, one of four original versions of the world-famous painting was sold at Sotheby’s for a record 119.9 million USD, the most expensive work of art ever sold at open auction.

You might have wondered about the inspiration behind this iconic work of art. These are the artist’s own words:

Jeg gikk bortover veien med to venner – så gikk solen ned. Himmelen ble plutselig blodig rød. Jeg stanset, lente meg til gjerdet trett til døden. Over den blåsvarte fjord og by lå blod i ildtunger. Mine venner gikk videre, og jeg sto igjen skjelvende av angst. Og jeg følte det store uendelige skrik gjennom naturen.

I was walking along a path with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city. My friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.

No wonder Scream comes from here

VisitNorway has a slightly different version:

The prolific artist is the most important Norwegian painter of all time. This year, a gallery of Munch paintings will welcome you to Oslo airport as part of the exhibition Munch150.

Munch paintings

The Munch paintings will be there until October. So be sure to slow down and have a look at the walls when you arrive at OSL this year. If you’ve been here before, you know it can be quite the long walk from the gate to the arrivals hall. Might as well stop for a few minutes for a closer look at the artwork.

Munch paintings

Scream is of course exhibited at OSL – along with Livets dans (The Dance of Life), Pikene på broen (The Girls on the Bridge), Vampyr i skogen (Vampire in the Forest) and more. This is all here to remind international passengers it’s 150 years since the great painter was born and that this will be celebrated around the country all year long. For details, check out Munch150.

Good to know:

On Tuesday, the city government of Oslo finally (after years of discussion) decided to build a new Munch Museum in the harbour area. However, it will be a few years until this signature building is completed. In the meantime, the present Munch Museum is a bit out of the way in the Tøyen area. It can be difficult to find – and, strangely, Munch’s most famous works aren’t always on display here. If you want to see an original Scream, head to the National Gallery in the city centre.

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35 Responses to “Munch at Oslo airport”

  1. Muza-chan 30 May 2013 0820 #

    Interesting :)
    Muza-chan recently posted..Traditional Japanese castle interior, Maruoka

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1051 #


  2. I love the art in the airport- what a great way to welcome tourists to the country. I also love that I’d be able to view the pieces as I’m waiting on a connecting flight, etc. Very cool.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1052 #

      Very cool and creative this.

  3. Salika Jay 30 May 2013 1509 #

    Wow, that’s an amazing price for a great piece of art. A museum sure is a great way to showcase his paintings.
    Salika Jay recently posted..Best Ways To Travel Around Sri Lanka

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1053 #

      Can you imagine? The astronomical prices people are willing to pay for paintings never cease to amaze me.

  4. Jackie Smith 30 May 2013 1559 #

    Thanks for this post and the info on “The Scream”. Look forward to updates on the new museum..
    Jackie Smith recently posted..Finding Fokianos, Greece

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1054 #

      It’s going to be a few years that :)

  5. Leigh 30 May 2013 1638 #

    That’s quite the welcome to Norway! I love the colours in the paintings. Years ago I saw some of the works in NYC – and would happily spend part of a day in the new museum,
    Leigh recently posted..Hiking England’s South West Coast Path

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1056 #

      I think Munch used colours very effectively to express emotions.

  6. budget jan 31 May 2013 0055 #

    Good to know to allow time for enjoying some fine art. What a great idea.
    budget jan recently posted..Photos of the Aqueduct at Segovia

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1056 #

      It really is.

  7. Sherry 1 June 2013 2104 #

    Isn’t it strange that some of the best art I’ve found are in airports (and train stations) around the world? Never realized that until now. Funny that this painting really does look like the scream mask.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1057 #

      Funny how the mask is almost as famous as the painting.

  8. Nancie 2 June 2013 0515 #

    I wish I was coming to Oslo this summer. Well that’s a bit of a fib (very excited to be going home for a visit), but I would love to see all this brilliant art work.
    Nancie recently posted..An Insider’s Look at Malta

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1058 #

      At least you’ll have about the same temperatures in your parts of the world :)

  9. Geez – $119.9 million!!! I wonder who bought it. Maybe I’m in the wrong business… ;-)
    Great info about the exhibit at the Oslo airport. I won’t be passing through OSL this year, but whenever I’m in Norway, I’ll be sure to check out Munch’s work at the National Gallery.
    Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans recently posted..Time to Smell the Flowers at the Carlsbad Flower Fields

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1101 #

      A private-equity financier in New York bought it.

  10. Renate 3 June 2013 1149 #

    The scream is my favorite one! Thank you so much for posting this, you’ve just made my day!
    Renate recently posted..Mein Traum als Top-Modell

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1102 #

      My pleasure :)

  11. Vi 4 June 2013 1342 #

    Unfortunately my Ryanair flight landed in Ryge airport, so didn’t see this exposition.
    Vi recently posted..Free museums in Oslo

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2013 1512 #

      You wouldn’t see much of anything at Rygge; very functional, in-and-out, tiny airport. :)

  12. I must admit that while I am familiar with The Scream, I do not know much about his other work. Putting the artwork in the airport is a wonderful idea.
    Michele {Malaysian Meanders} recently posted..Transportation: Thailand versus Texas

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 2000 #

      The Scream must have hit a nerve with, well the world; everyone seems to know it.

  13. Mette - Italian Notes 8 June 2013 1234 #

    The new Munch exhibition is all the hype now and has had terrific reviews, but surely that is not at Gardermoen. Or is there something I have misunderstood?

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 10 June 2013 0919 #

      No, no, the exhibition is at the Munch Museum and at the National Gallery. This one at Gardermoen is just a teaser of sorts. :)

  14. Andrea 15 June 2013 2304 #

    I love when airports do things like this – great way to kill some time on a layover!
    Andrea recently posted..Beer In Norway: A Way Of Life

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 2000 #

      Very creative, I agree.

  15. Andrew Graeme Gould 16 June 2013 1912 #

    The Scream is iconic, for sure. That video is so good. Makes it obvious!!!
    Andrew Graeme Gould recently posted..Santiago, Chile: Providencia street scenes

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 2001 #

      Yes, love that video. :)

  16. I loved seeing some of Munch’s other work at MoMA in NYC last year.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 26 June 2013 2131 #

      Cool that you’ve seen it there, Stephanie.

  17. Marysia @ My Travel Affairs 2 January 2014 1820 #

    It is a bit out of the center, but way worth a visit! They had a great exhibitions there. Just one problem, that sometimes it is closed without a notice!
    Marysia @ My Travel Affairs recently posted..Good Karma Affair: Elephants Help Needed!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 2002 #

      All in all, the National Gallery is a better bet.

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