Help protect #JustOneRhino – and win fab prizes

Here at Sophie’s World we’re passionate about animal welfare. It’s perhaps genetic: apart from the family and very close friends, our mum/grandmum generally preferred animals to people. The rest of us aren’t quite that extreme, at least not yet. Alexandra is a vegetarian solely for animal welfare reasons, none of us use cosmetics from companies […]

Silent Sunday: Colourful Edinburgh doors

Colourful Edinburgh doors in New Town

The 14 Best of 2014

Another year is nearing its end; just seven hours until fireworks will dance across the winter sky, delighting children of all ages – and frightening dogs. True to tradition, I’ve had a look at Google Analytics to see what you enjoyed most this year. (Here are your faves in 2011, 2012 and 2013.) Last year, […]

Silent Sunday: Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo

Holmenkollen ski jump on an overcast winter’s day – Oslo in Norway

Silent Boxing Day: A Blue Christmas at Sony Center Berlin

    A blue Christmas at the futuristic Sony Center Berlin

Al Ain Oasis

Oasis – it’s such a wonderful word, isn’t it? Like haven, or sanctuary. The proper definition, the Oxford Dictionary tells me, is a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found. And that is just what Al Ain is. An oasis. A garden at the edge of the fabled Empty Quarter, inhabited for more […]

Silent Sunday: The verdant landscape of the Coromandel coast

The verdant landscape of the Coromandel coast, North Island in New Zealand