Where in the World: Madeira

This is a traditional farmer’s house in Santana on the island of Madeira in the Atlantic, one of the outermost regions of the European Union.

From Aberystwyth with Love

Hello and welcome to Aber. Many people know very little about Aberystwyth, so I thought I’d share some of my Aber faves. I hope you enjoy it!

Carib Territory, Dominica

There are about 3000 native Carib Indians left in the world. They live in a 15 sq. km. (3700 acres) reserve on the island of Dominica.

The 11 Best of 2011

As 2012 is just beginning to settle in, I’ve had a look through my analytics to see what you liked best on Sophie’s World in 2011. Some of your choices surprised me, some completely charmed me, all pleased me. Nothing says New Year like a list, so I’ll hop right in and give you the […]

On the wagon in a Costa Rica coffee plantation

I’m not much of a coffee drinker. I don’t particularly like the strong, slightly bitter taste, and it just doesn’t do anything for me. It neither wakes me up in the morning nor keeps me awake at night. Maybe I’m immune. Apparently, I’m not alone. In fact, my reaction to the brew is positively friendly, […]

Blaze – and holidays at home

Experiencing this contrasting world of ours first hand is an integral part of my daughters’ education. However, a lifestyle involving loads of travelling – and often travelling impulsively – can have its drawbacks. The major one, according to my children, is not being able to have a dog. A weekend here, two weeks there, fine. […]

The Hollywood Gang Hideaway

On a dramatic cliff in the hills above a large, brawling city, there’s a hotel. A deliciously kitsch, bright pink Hollywood hideaway in Acapulco, a secret refuge for film stars in the 1950s. Now, we only stopped for the spectacular ocean views, and for drinks on a hot day, so this will not be a […]