Murder and Mayhem in London through the Ages – Part 3: Jack the Ripper

123 years ago, a man known as Jack hung around Whitechapel, ridding the world of prostitutes. Five murders have been attributed to him. Grotesque murders, but still “only” five. Judging by the number alone, he seems a bit of an amateur among serial killers. Yet, he is the most famous of them all. Never discovered, Jack the [...]

Where in the World: The Titanic graves

A new week, a new travel quiz. Where in the world is this evocative cemetery? A crisp autumn day three years ago, the girls and I walked through this cemetery. It was a melancholic walk past the graves of hopeful immigrants, of children, of those never found. Two questions this time: Where in the world [...]

Murder and Mayhem in London through the Ages – Part 2: Execrable executions

Continuing our time-travel through London’s pernicious past, here are a few ominous outings our forefathers might have enjoyed: Newgate prison and Execution dock Take an excursion to Newgate prison to gawk at inmates: Daniel Defoe sat here (for poking fun at the Tories), as did Pennsylvania founder William Penn (contempt of court). Then continue to [...]

Paris is Child’s Play

This week, dear reader, I’m happy to introduce you to Michael Schuermann. You probably know him already – as Easy Hiker. Not only is Michael and his wife Marlys the go-to people for anything related to fun and easy hikes in Europe, they are also experts on everything Paris! Michael has kindly agreed to write [...]

Travel photo – Norwich Market, after hours

Norwich Market, after hours. I like wandering through markets after hours. There’s something desolate and slightly ghostly about it. The next morning, everything is back in full swing. Yet, at night – or even in the late afternoon, as here in Norwich – the closed stalls has a very different feel. I wonder if it [...]

Murder and Mayhem in London through the Ages – Part 1: The Bridges

It’s a chilly, windy evening. Maybe that’s why we’re only six. Six people about to walk through 700 years of London’s criminal history. Jason, a qualified London guide for 13 years, is tall and gangly and reminds me of Hugh Grant. Same wavy hair and quick speech. More to the point, he’s passionate and knowledgeable, [...]

What to do on a Friday night in London if you’re time travelling

It’s a late Friday night in London, and I’m in an Indian restaurant in Gloucester Road. … drinking a milk shake. I could be doing more interesting things, of course. But the possibilities seem a bit civilised and, dare I say it, dull – compared to what I could have been doing to amuse myself [...]