Almonds aren’t just almonds

Christmas is upon us; time for almonds. In Norway, almondy goodness is on the menu this time of year, in the form of marzipan and kransekake.

The lighthouse at Colonia

Wherever I went in town, I always saw Colonia lighthouse, an ever-present guide, for sailors throughout the centuries – and for this jetlagged Scandinavian.

The Republic of Užupis – a micro-nation

A highlight during a recent visit in Vilnius was the quirky micro-nation Republic of Užupis, an artists’ colony that declared its independence in 1997.

What to do in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar has a lovely setting with clean and pretty beaches, mysterious coves and beautiful gardens. It’s lively, and popular with the young crowd.

The colours of La Boca

In one of Buenos Aires’ poorest neighbourhoods, you’ll find the brightest colours. Legend has it, Genoese fishermen were responsible for La Boca’s colours.

A Saturday afternoon in Trakai

If you’re in Vilnius and want to get out of town, historic and enchanting Trakai is an easy day-trip and a pleasant place to spend a Saturday.

Searching for Garbo

At Skogskyrkogården, you can search for the most famous Swede of all, the elusive Greta Garbo – and tick off another UNESCO World Heritage site, in one go.