For kids: Lekeland, play land in Drammen, Norway

Destination Playland: 3 bloody hours of it.

Here’s a new destination, folks: Playland, or Lekeland, as it’s called in the local lingo – in Drammen, Norway. Bring earplugs – the noise level is well above an average Metallica concert, with about 100 kids. Could be 200 or 300. Sounds like 1 000. All yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs. […]

Have 39 minutes to kill in Luxembourg?

Here’s how I did it. Of course, why I would have only 39 minutes in Luxembourg is more interesting, if not disturbing. I’ll get back to that.

Walking across borders

I love walking across borders and try to do that whenever I can. It’s still fun in Africa – say, between South Africa and Lesotho, or Asia, even between USA and Mexico or any place where borders still mean something. Sadly (in a nostalgic sense, that is), this is no longer the case in Europe. […]

It just isn’t fair to trash a place after only a few hours’ visit

Lesson learnt: It really isn’t fair to trash a place after spending only a few hours there.

Stein-am-Rhein – Stories on Walls

One Sunday morning in September, I found myself with an entire day completely open before a late night flight from Zurich. Idly leafing through a book about Lake Constance in a kiosk, the page for Stein-am-Rhein just popped open. I had never heard the name before, but knew immediately I had to see it. So […]

20 countries in 20 days! Is he mad?

On the post bus from Liechtenstein to Austria, I meet a man who is on a rather hurried jaunt across Europe – 20 countries in 20 days. Including a long trans-continental flight at either end. He looks dazed and sounds incoherent. What will he remember, I wonder? Will he be able to distinguish one country […]

Border bridge: Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Border bridge: Liechtenstein to the left, Switzerland to the right. I jump: Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland…