Travel photo – Lombok fishing boat

Lombok fishing boat
Lombok fishing boat

A relatively wordless post today – I think this cheerful Lombok fishing boat speaks for itself.


Senggigi beach on the island of Lombok, Lesser Sunda Islands group, Indonesia

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  1. Turkey's For Life 9 November 2011 1737 #

    Glad you showed us a map, too! :) I love that photo. Colourful boats and beaches make for a great shots.
    Turkey’s For Life recently posted..Google+ – For Lovers of Fethiye & Turkey

  2. Louise 9 November 2011 2158 #

    Looking at that boat and that beach makes me happy :)

  3. Leigh 9 November 2011 2358 #

    My gosh you get around. Lovely warm colours in that boat. Agree about the map being very helpful too.
    Leigh recently posted..Don’t Rock Ronda: A Photo Essay

  4. Anne-Sophie Redisch
    Anne-Sophie Redisch 10 November 2011 0001 #

    Thanks guys :)
    I do like those maps. (Actually, I like all maps). The photo is from a few years ago.

  5. Cathy Sweeney 10 November 2011 0025 #

    Lovely! The boat, the setting — all very nice!
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..Signs of an Occupation

  6. Nancie 10 November 2011 0103 #

    Lovely! I spent sometime on Lombok a few years ago, and remember this beach.
    Nancie recently posted..Travel Photo Thursday — November 9, 2011 –Through the Eye of A Fish

  7. jade 10 November 2011 0645 #

    haha, love the angle! and I always love anything teal and cheerful!

  8. Muza-chan 10 November 2011 0728 #

    Lovely :)
    Muza-chan recently posted..High-speed Jet Ferry and a Travel Tip

  9. Anne-Sophie Redisch
    Anne-Sophie Redisch 10 November 2011 0817 #

    Cathy, Nancie, Jade, Muza-chan – thanks :)

  10. ItalianNotes 10 November 2011 0821 #

    Nice colours. Wonder if there is an international law defining the RGB for small fishing boats?
    ItalianNotes recently posted..Polpette al sugo

  11. Anne-Sophie Redisch
    Anne-Sophie Redisch 10 November 2011 0823 #

    ItalianNotes – You know, I had to look up RGB. And yes, I think perhaps there is such a law :)

  12. Michael 10 November 2011 0830 #

    What a curious angle. Was it about to be slid out to sea?
    Michael recently posted..A Brioche And Easy Hiking In Compiegne

  13. Denise 10 November 2011 0901 #

    I saw many of those same fishing boats around Bali. Aren’t they pretty?
    Denise recently posted..Vittoriosa, Malta: Pictures take you places

  14. InsideJourneys 10 November 2011 1341 #

    Love the angle. Looks like it’s just about to take off or climb a wave.
    Nice shot, Sophie!
    InsideJourneys recently posted..Travel Photo Thursday: Elephants

  15. The boat looks like it’s teetering on the sand! Great colors. The map was a great inclusion.
    Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista recently posted..Armored Schloss Ambras

  16. Jenna 11 November 2011 1638 #

    Nice! I have seen plenty of boats like this one in Indonesia (though I haven’t been to Lombok yet). They are always so striking– bright colors and interesting shapes.
    Jenna recently posted..Summer Travel in California: Navigating the options

  17. Anne-Sophie Redisch
    Anne-Sophie Redisch 11 November 2011 1800 #

    Michael – It’s a few years ago, so I don’t remember what time of day this was. The boats did seem to be lying like that in the late afternoons though, so I would guess it had just been pulled in.

    Denise – Very pretty, indeed.

    Inside Journeys, Debbie and Jenna – thanks :)

  18. Cheryl 11 November 2011 2213 #

    Sooo pretty and yes, cheerful. I wish I was there right about now. So cold in Berlin!
    Cheryl recently posted..McDonalds Around The World: Budapest, Hungary.

  19. Anne-Sophie Redisch
    Anne-Sophie Redisch 11 November 2011 2311 #

    Cheryl – Too right! It’s wet and chilly up here as well. A few days on an Indonesian beach would be wonderful right now :)

  20. jason @ corfu villa 12 November 2011 0216 #

    That’s SOME PARKING! I’m not going to ask who parked it, but it wasn’t me!

  21. Journey of a Jungle Girl 13 November 2011 1842 #

    It really is a happy, peaceful photo… How did you get to Lombok, Lesser Sunda Islands group, Indonesia?
    Do you have a post on your travels there? I am interested! It looks like a beautiful place to visit! -shelly
    Journey of a Jungle Girl recently posted..Motorbike Adventure in Nha Trang, Vietnam

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 14 November 2011 1154 #

      @Journey of a Jungle Girl – Thanks :)

      I don’t have a post on our travelling in Lombok, but I’ve been meaning to find my notes and publish one. It’s been a few years. We flew from Singapore, took about 2 hours, if I remember correctly. It was a lovely little island, similar to Bali in many ways – there was even a Monkey Forest, but with less aggressive monkeys than the one in Bali.

  22. RyukyuMike 14 November 2011 1500 #

    Just catching up with all the comments I missed. Been busy thumbing/tweeting/facebooking and that newfangled G+1 thinginging. Phew… sorry I took so llong to get back. I love wordless photo posts; my specialty. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Daniel @ TeacherGig 10 August 2013 0607 #

    Lovely shot with fantastic colors. I also really appreciate NOT writing about Bali. ;) I saw the map (nice touch) and it was a relief.

    I”m looking around at places to take some time off, but it seems like people only go to Bali. I’m sure that’s not the case, so I really appreciate a shot of Lombok. Any other posts about travel elsewhere in Indonesia? I’d love to visit and get off the beaten track a bit. I know Indonesia is huge, and I don’t want to limit it to just the one tourist island.

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