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Silent Retro Sunday: Going to church, St John’s, Antigua

Going to church, St John’s Cathedral, St John’s in Antigua

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Coxen’s Hole

Ah, Roatan. You probably think of sandy beaches, Caribbean waters blue as blue could be, scuba diving and snorkelling on the gorgeous Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. And you’d be right. Then there’s wildlife: iguanas the size of dogs, birds of every imaginable colour, dolphins, sharks, macaws and adorable capuchin monkeys. All the ingredients for a fabulous […]

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In retrospect: Barbados in December

Here in the northern world, days are short now; it’s cold and dark outside. So I dug out these photos to remember warmer climes. This is Barbados in December.

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Sail boats in the harbour, Union Island, Grenadines

Postcard from the Grenadines

Treasures might be buried in the Grenadines. I didn’t search. The beaches, the sapphire sea, the sail boat and everything on it was enough.

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Grenada: St George’s in the 90s

I sailed to Grenada in the early 90s and remember a green, verdant island. I also remember two guys who took us around, both high as kites.

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Where in the World: Tobago – and a riddle!

Where in the world is this cryptic grave stone? In Plymouth, the oldest settlement on the Caribbean island of Tobago, that’s where.

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Travel photo: Cruise ship at Castries, St Lucia

Much can be said about cruise ships and their impact on ports in small countries, environmentally and visually. Sitting at a cafe in Devonport in 2003, all of a sudden a huge, white monster wall appeared before us, above the house tops. It was The World, then the world’s largest cruise ship, passing through the […]

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