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(English) In retrospect: Birthplace of Christianity in Bethlehem

Denne artikkelen er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.

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Scenes from a Bahraini mall – empty elegance

29 september 2009 It’s 18:30 and I’m in Moda Mall, Bahrain World Trade Centre, wondering where all the people are. Moda is a huge shopping centre with high-end boutiques. Just from where I now sit, I see Louis Vuitton, Dior, Emporio Armani, Versace and Fendi. And where I sit is in a purple velvet chair; [...]

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Two highlights of Bahrain

It’s early evening in the village surrounding Qala’at al-Bahrain. The creatively decorated houses remind me of pictures in fairy-tales, especially through the filter of the setting sun. Five horsemen appear out of the dusk in front of the silhouette of a large 16th century Portuguese fort. This is home to Iranians, says Aziz, my guide [...]

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Kuwait Towers

30-year-old Kuwait Towers is probably the best known landmark on the Arabian Peninsula. Outside Dubai, that is. Designed by Scandinavians, and comprising two large spheres and a spike, the iconic towers are likely the top tourist attraction in Kuwait City. My first proper look at Kuwait Towers is through the windows of Le Nôtre, a [...]

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The Bedoun – Kuwait’s stateless people

On my old blog, I touch upon the issue of the Bedoun (although mostly my ignorance of the matter). This is what I wrote then – from the observation deck of Kuwait Towers: I’m soon joined by the only other westerner here. A journo from a Central European country, he is there to cover the [...]

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Kuwait and the Gulf War

The most evocative house in Kuwait City must surely be Kuwait House of National Memorial Museum, Bait Al Watani. Outside the house is an Iraqi tank. The taxi driver, Assis, ensures I see it. The 1 KD entrance fee gets me a personal guide. Sakina begins by reeling off names of former sheikhs; the earliest [...]

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(English) The Musandam Peninsula – Oman at last

(English) Up close, the massive Hajar Mountains appears arid and inhospitable, yet oddly attractive. In places, the mountain sides looks about to crumble and fall. Once or twice during the 45 km stretch of road, they have. A few large rocks blocks part of the road.

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