UN Geneva

UN Geneva

The UN Geneva building is imposing (just a tiny bit of it is seen here), the hallways long and humming with activity. More often than not, the hallways and the delegates salons are where important discussions take place, disagreements sorted out, compromises made.

I’m appreciative of the UN. Tirelessly, all the organisations, committees and working groups try to fix everything that should be better – and fairer – in this world. It might not always work as quickly or efficiently as some would like, but it gets there eventually. Most of all, the UN keeps gun-crazed madmen (and nations) in check. Most of the time.

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4 Responses to “UN Geneva”

  1. Paul Johnson 25 January 2010 0055 #

    I’m glad you’re bringing this up. I really believe the UN is the only hope for the future.

  2. Marie 28 January 2010 2257 #

    I’m glad you put this up, especially after the Haiti post. We should appreciate the UN – it really is the only way forward.

  3. Erich 6 March 2010 1246 #

    I really like that picture with the sun setting over France in the distance – and the UN building off in the corner, there to help but not to be in the centre. I agree, the UN is terrifically important.

  4. Kerry 23 July 2010 1318 #

    thoughtful post, and photograph. thanks.

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