Where in the world: Medjugorje

Up for another guessing game?

Where in the world is this?


This scenic valley isn’t first and foremost on the minds of its visitors. Though not yet formally recognized by the Vatican, this week’s mystery location is where six kids spotted Virgin Mary 30 years ago. The little town draws thousands of eager pilgrims every year, many on their knees up the steep and painfully jagged hill. Where in the world?

A winner will be selected among those who give the correct answer. She/he will be featured here on “Where in the world?” and on the Sophie’s World Facebook fan page with his/her name, blog, twitter handle and a short bio!


Last week’s competition:
Last time we were in Lisbon, specifically Torre Belém and the winner was Jeremy Branham, author of Budget Travel Adventures as well as initiator of these little Wednesday guessing games.



Update: Medjugorje

The answer to this week’s little quiz is Medjugorje in Bosnia & Hercegovina, as many correctly surmised. Among those, I chose Michael Figueiredo as the winner, simply because I liked his answer. Michael is author of Strux Travel. After graduating from uni, Micahel backpacked across Europe. Ever since then he’s had an insatiable passion for traveling, learning about other cultures, geography, and world history. He aims to see at least one new country every year. Will it be Cuba in 2011? Michael enjoys learning new languages as well, and with a name like Figueiredo, you won’t be surprised to hear Portuguese is top of the list. He also plans to open a web-based travel agency. Follow him on Twitter and have a look at his Facebook page. CONGRATULATIONS, MICHAEL!

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23 Responses to “Where in the world: Medjugorje”

  1. Luis Sanchez 13 July 2011 1724 #

    I believe this place is Medjugorje, Bosnia.
    Luis Sanchez recently posted.."Table Tennis Trainer" – Awase

  2. Cam @ Traveling Canucks 13 July 2011 1740 #

    Ahhh, good one! Stumped!
    Cam @ Traveling Canucks recently posted..Drinking Beer Around the World – Part Nine

  3. I believe you are in Medjugorje in Bosnia Herzegovina. It sure is beautiful!
    Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista recently posted..Do the French hate Americans?

  4. Jeremy Branham 13 July 2011 1840 #

    Međugorje in Bosnia and Herzergovina
    Jeremy Branham recently posted..Where in the world am I?

  5. Melvin 13 July 2011 2014 #

    I really have no clue where Maria hangs around and got seen. But my guess would be somewhere in Spain. I’m pretty sure that an easy guess won’t be a winner and that you would like to know the exact location, right? :)
    Melvin recently posted..Jordan Unplugged – Mud bath at the Movenpick Dead Sea Hotel

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 13 July 2011 2055 #

      @Melvin – looks like she has been hanging around a number of places… Mexico, France, Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina… And probably Spain, too :)

  6. Michael Figueiredo 13 July 2011 2204 #

    You are in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina! I just read a spy thriller by Steve Berry that took place here. :)
    Michael Figueiredo recently posted..Where in the world am I? (#8)

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 13 July 2011 2230 #

      @Michael – Very cool way to know! And I’m so getting that book. Nothing makes me want to see a place more than reading a novel set there.

  7. Cathy Sweeney 13 July 2011 2302 #

    Medjugorje in Bosnia??
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..Amsterdam’s Bikes and Boats

  8. Randy 13 July 2011 2336 #

    The red roofs and rolling green hills got me thinking The San Fernando Valley in California.

  9. Don Faust 14 July 2011 0126 #

    I know it’s in Bosnia-Hercegovina, but I’d have to Google the town’s name, and that would be like cheating, since I could easily find that out. I remember when it was in the news.
    Don Faust recently posted..Portlandia: Food Trucks

  10. Cherina 14 July 2011 0919 #

    Great choice, Sophie. I was reading about this place a few weeks ago..assuming I have the right place of course. Medjugorje in Bosnia?
    Cherina recently posted..Photo Essay: Remembering Venice

  11. Kim A. 15 July 2011 1005 #

    I love quizzes. I guess Fatima or maybe Lourdes…?

  12. Kerry 15 July 2011 1206 #

    Kerry recently posted..Beoga: How to Tune a Fish

  13. Jessica 15 July 2011 1656 #

    This picture has been haunting me all week. I knew I had read about it before, but I couldn’t remember the name of the town. I even googled (cheating, I know). Having one of those, “oh yeah” moments right now.
    Jessica recently posted..Wooden Shoe Making

  14. Anne-Sophie Redisch
    Anne-Sophie Redisch 15 July 2011 1703 #

    Luis, Cam, Debbie, Jeremy, Cathy and Cherina – you’re all right. And you too, Don.
    I think I have to make these little quizzes more difficult :)

  15. Paul 15 July 2011 1724 #

    I knew I had seen that place somewhere recently. There was a documentary on it not too long ago. Fascinating, those religious pilgrimage sites, not to mention the pilgrims…

  16. Sonja 15 July 2011 1844 #

    Well, I’ve seen the answer posted in others’ comments now, but I couldn’t have guessed.
    Sonja recently posted..Photo Friday: Homemade German Desserts

  17. Camels & Chocolate 15 July 2011 2016 #

    Ahhh, I never know the answers to these! Though I’d really like to go to Bosnia–and soon =)
    Camels & Chocolate recently posted..Photo Friday: Philipsburg, Montana

  18. Jennifer 15 July 2011 2223 #

    Such a beautiful place! Would love to travel there some day.

  19. Mariella 1 February 2013 1318 #

    I have found someone who has travelled excessively in Eastern Europe!! :) Hi, Sophie! Pleasure to meet you! Medugorje is a very interesting place. Not nexessarily the most beautiful in Bosnia, but surely very interesting :) I look very forward to discovering more of your blog.
    Mariella recently posted..“Eastern Europe? Why???”

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch
      Anne-Sophie Redisch 8 February 2013 1047 #

      Thanks for visiting, Mariella. Fascinating area, Eastern Europe.


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