Late last year, fellow Lonely Planet blogger Todd Wassel launched his 1000 – 1000 travel blog challenge, challenging the participants to work towards earning USD 1 000 pr month and getting 1 000 visitors pr day.

I’ve been reluctant to join. You see, I’ve never considered this blog to be a business. You may have noticed I have no ads, affiliate links or even Google adwords on the site. Rather, I’ve seen Sophie’s World as a calling card for my “real job” as a travel writer. And it has worked! I’ve gotten writing assignments as a direct result of this blog. *Doing the happy dance*.

But it’s time to move forward. And while I’m still not sure about the 1 000 dollars part of the challenge, I do like the 1 000 visitors bit. In fact, I’m not even tech-savvy enough to know how many visitors I actually do have per day. So I’ll begin there.

I’ll let you know how it goes.