As 2012 is just beginning to settle in, I’ve had a look through my analytics to see what you liked best on Sophie’s World in 2011. Some of your choices surprised me, some completely charmed me, all pleased me.

Nothing says New Year like a list, so I’ll hop right in and give you the 11 best of Sophie’s World in 2011:

11. Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his toilet

I adore that so many of you have looked at this little old post on a public toilet in New Zealand.

10. Dubai shopping

This post (also an oldie) surprised me. But Dubai is a popular destination. And I suppose shopping is a popular past-time. Or perhaps it is the outrageous Dubai shopping malls that caught your interest.

9. Kuwait and the Gulf War

You’re interested in contemporary history (and evocative museums), as this post on the Kuwait House of National Memorial Museum shows.

8. What to do on a Friday night in London if you’re time travelling

Are you as fascinated with the concept of time travel as I am? I think so, judging from the popularity of this post on things to do in London of yore.

7. Bratislava Street Art

You like street art, too. Even in relatively unknown little European capitals.

6. Execrable executions

I am so happy you liked my series on 700 years of murder and mayhem in London. This second part in the series – all about Smithfield, Tyburn and Execution Dock – came in at no. 6.

5. Paris is Child’s Play

Michael Schuermann, aka Easy Hiker, wrote a guest post on a quirky child-friendly Paris attraction. And you loved it!

4. Dubai’s Terminal Two

More Dubai: These reflections on a few hours at Dubai Airport’s terminal 2 drew thousands of looks in 2011. I enjoyed writing it. A thought-provoking place, that terminal.

3. Flirting with Fate in the Faroe Islands

Your interest in this small, enchanting North Atlantic archipelago pleases me so very much. Expect more on the Faroes in 2012!

2. Autumn leaves in Kew Gardens

Google tells me you really like this London garden. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage-listed garden to be sure, but a garden nonetheless. I love gardens, but the popularity of this post surprised me. 11.5 minutes was the average time spent on this photo post. I think Juliette Greco’s haunting rendition of Les Feuilles Mortes might have something to do with that.

1. Murder and Mayhem in London through the Ages – part 3

This post on the infamous Jack got twice as many page views as number 2. And the average time spent on the page was a whopping 16.5 minutes! You really must like England’s deliciously dark history.

With that, I wish you all the best in this new-born year. I promise to bring you more from the world’s curious corners in 2012. I hope you’ll be inspired to show your children the world as well.