2013: A photo journey

Dear reader,
I’m allowing myself one more indulgent post at the end of the year – last one this year, I promise 😉
Hoping to inspire a touch of wanderlust, here’s a little photo journey of 2013.

January: Britain, South Africa, Denmark

2013: a photo journey

Boulders beach, South Africa


2013 began with a quick stop in London, one of my favourite cities, then to Cape Town for coffee. You see, every so often I meet my friend since primary school, Ingrid, for coffee. When I contacted her in January, she was in Cape Town, so why not meet for coffee there? Why not indeed. Six unplanned days in Cape Town was a welcome break from wintry Oslo.

February: Denmark, USA, Mexico, Belize, Honduras

Street car, New Orleans

Canal Street, New Orleans


As February came around, I woke up in wonderful Copenhagen. Next on the agenda was a family holiday in the USA and the Caribbean. My first ever journey abroad when I was 11 years old was to New Orleans; I’ve been meaning to take the girls for years. New Orleans CVB hosted us for our four-day-stay in the Crescent City; they organised a fabulous hotel, yummy Cajun fare and lots of fun things to do for us.

We continued our holiday with a short stop in Mexico, then onwards to Belize. The girls have become quite adroit at zip lining, and jump on every opportunity. Me, not so much. While they were off hopping between the trees in the jungle, I had a look at the Mayan pyramids at Altun Ha. Also quite enjoyed hanging around in Belize City, watching people. As for the fabulous reef, no diving this time; all our Belizean adventures was above the waterline. The end of February saw us on Roatan Island, getting acquainted with the local fauna and otherwise just hanging about.

March: Mexico, USA, Germany

Löwe am Markt, Viktualienmarkt, München

Breakfast at Viktualienmarkt, Munich


Working our way back north, we stopped briefly in Mexico yet again in early March, where we took a fun workshop in Mayan chocolate making. Then back to New Orleans (on our own now) to see a few things we missed the first time, including the city’s award-winning Haunted History tour (post coming up; there’s just too much to write about and not enough time…). Back in Europe, we had a look at lovely spring-y Munich.

April: Spain, Sweden

Cat and Kansas

Horse riding in Majorca


In April, Viva Hoteles and No Frills Excursions kindly invited us to Majorca. Cat and I spent four days on the north coast and enjoyed seeing a different side to this Spanish island. We shopped in the markets and cooked outdoors in the country, and Cat went horse riding (which is quickly becoming a condition of hers for any travel these days). On the last day of April, Alex and I meant to do a shopping run to Sweden (that’s what we do up here), but ended up spending the day in the magical little village of Fjällbacka, forgetting all about the shops (note to self: write about Fjällbacka).

May: Netherlands

Surfdorp, Scheveningen beach

Shipping container accommodations on Scheveningen beach


In May, I travelled to the Netherlands to catch the last few days of TBU Rotterdam and to have an interesting (but, as it turned out, cold and wet) experience sleeping in a shipping container on Scheveningen Beach.

June: Turkey, Georgia, Armenia


Dancing fountains in Yerevan


June was exciting for me. I’ve been meaning to visit the Caucasian countries for a few years, and finally found the time. I travelled around in Georgia and Armenia for a few weeks and enjoyed it enormously. On the way to the Caucasus, I found time for a quick reacquaintance with Istanbul (it’s been years).

July: Norway


Losvåg, Southern Norway


Summer in Norway is perfect in every way so July was spent road tripping around the country – in the south, the west, the north and the centre; with one kid, the other kid, both kids and on my own. Yet again, I was reminded I’ve drawn life’s winning lottery ticket. Aside from the multitudes of advantages living here, this is quite simply the most beautiful country on the planet. Of course I’m not entirely objective, but there it is.

August: Sweden




In 2013, I’ve been on a quest to see UNESCO World Heritage sites in the neighbourhood and August was all about Swedish ones – Drottningholm Castle, Hovgården, Engelsberg and the mining city of Falun. And another stop in Fjällbacka, of course. It’s quickly becoming one of my favourite places.

September: Finland, Estonia, USA, France

Admiral Augustin Ehrensvärd's memorial, Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna Fortress, Helsinki harbour


September… what happened to September? I blinked and it was gone. The month began with quick visits in Helsinki (courtesy of VisitFinland) and Tallinn, then a week in Washington DC, before ending with autumn holidays in Nice with Cat, her best friend and best friend’s mum. After ages of just talking about it, the four of us finally managed to fit in a girlie holiday with everyone’s busy schedules. Enjoyed it heaps and there’s already talk about repeating the experience. We even had a day in Provence, yet another thing that has been on my to-see list for ever.

October: France, Ireland, France (again), Italy


St Paul de Vence


September turned into October. I left for Ireland, the other three remained on the Riviera. Ireland was of course delightful as always. I attended TBEX Dublin, took a tour on the cool Ghost Bus, and was introduced to Brú na Bóinne on the Bend of the Boyne, as well as the village of Carlingford. October also brought with it an opportunity for a quick stop in San Remo, which I’ve been meaning to see since I was a teenager.

November: Britain, Sweden




November was relatively quiet, with a few days in London for the World Travel Market. Also managed to revisit both Greenwich and Canterbury, which I’ve been meaning to have a look at with adult (more attentive) eyes, and to walk that intriguing foot tunnel beneath the Thames (yes, post coming up). Then, overnight in Stockholm for the first ever Stockholm Travel Massive.

December: Britain


St Paul’s Cathedral


December was even quieter on the travelling front (though not on any other fronts), with just another quick trip to London.

Looking at this little summary, I see 2013 was a year of finally seeing and doing a number of things I’ve been meaning to do for years. Satisfying that.

And 2014?

I’m on the wait list for a boat going up the coast of West Africa in spring. It’s a long list. Still, fingers crossed and all that. (That should teach me to plan further in advance… on the other hand, planning far in advance isn’t really my strong suit…)

I’d like to see more of both Armenia and Georgia, including the breakaway republic Abkhazia. (Sadly, my e-mails to the Abkhazian Ministry of Foreign Affairs all went unanswered, but can’t give up…). Also, I didn’t manage to fit in Azerbaijan on my journey in the Caucasus, as getting a visa means sending off my passport for up to 15 days. If I might make a suggestion, Azerbaijan, could you ease the visa requirements? Perhaps allow copies of documents to be sent beforehand, then getting the visa on entry? If you do, I’ll be on a plane before you can say Azərbaycana xoş gəlmisiniz.

I’m also drawn to Central Asia. Samarkand, Bukhara, Bishkek, Dusjanbe… the names alone… Then there’s the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the birth place of space travel… Ahhh, we shall see.

What about you? Any fun plans for 2014?



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  1. Marysia @ My Travel Affairs 1 January 2014 2335 #

    I would have problem with this Think Fast, Speak Slow.
    I generally speak way to fast in foreign language, not mentioning my mother tongue lol!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 2 January 2014 1528 #


  2. Maria 2 January 2014 0731 #

    Wow! When do you fit in posting?

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 2 January 2014 1535 #

      Ha, I have kids, you know. That teaches efficiency if nothing else 🙂

  3. Melissa Hillas 2 January 2014 1303 #

    Sounds like a fabulous 2013– cheers to 2014!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 2 January 2014 1536 #

      Thanks – looking forward to it.

  4. Muza-chan 2 January 2014 1433 #

    Have a wonderful year ahead, and thanks for your support and comments on my blog this past year.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 2 January 2014 1536 #

      My pleasure, Lili.

  5. Megan 2 January 2014 1915 #

    pretty safe to say that you dont get around much do ya? 😉

    what a year for you! im curious to see where you end up in 2014! and honestly, if you consider abkhazia again, let me know in advance. i know the people working for the MFA so i will ensure there is no ignorance of things on their behalf. they are fighting for tourism like nobody’s business (from westerners) so there is no excuse to why they cant get things done in a more efficient manner.

    and i really hope you make it to central asia. im only going to kazakhstan and kyrgyzstan this trip, but im leaving MUCH of the two countries out so i have a reason to come back. and the cosmodrome is one of the things (b/c i think it will be the coolest and i need to wait until summer to make it there!) best of luck this year and i really hope we can meet up for coffee, tea, or just some chatting in oslo or somewhere in norway throughout the year!

  6. Megan 2 January 2014 1915 #


    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 1921 #

      Thanks, Megan. Will definitely get in touch with you about Abkhazia; it seems such a quirky and curious place I’d really like to visit. Hope you’ll have lots of fun travels in 2014, too. Though with Kyrgyzstan and Kazakstan, you’re already there. And yes, coffee in Oslo soon.

  7. Stephanie - The Travel Chica 3 January 2014 0232 #

    Germany and Amsterdam with a few hops around the US mixed in. And I’ll do my best to squeeze in another surf camp week in Nicaragua.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 1922 #

      Ooh, Nicaragua. On my list!

  8. Leigh 3 January 2014 0435 #

    What a year Sophie – and you make it look so easy with kids, though granted one is older. You do visit the most interesting spots – places I’ve never heard of that sound magical at least from afar.

    I have more of Canada to see this year – in corners I’ve never visited and one more trip to the US for some skiing in Utah. But the fall is wide open and my book shall be done so who knows what adventures lay ahead of me.

    Happy New Year.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 1923 #

      I have more of Canada to see, too. Much more 🙂

  9. Vera Marie Badertscher 3 January 2014 0602 #

    Sophie, you really should get out more.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 1923 #


  10. Mary @ Green Global Travel 5 January 2014 0340 #

    Thank for sharing your year in pictures. I’m glad you were able to get out and cross some places off of your bucket list. I hope 2014 is just as exciting for you! 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 1924 #

      Thanks, Mary 🙂

  11. Mette 5 January 2014 1247 #

    You have certainly been around. Understandably Denmark and Italy only get a cursory mention;) Wish you all the best travels for 2014.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 1924 #

      And you 😉

  12. Marcia 13 January 2014 0117 #

    Quite an impressive list, Sophie! I hope 2014 will be as equally impressive.
    I loved the idea of tea in Cape Town, reminds me of a dinner I had in Paris a few years ago with a friend who lives from NYC. We kept planning on getting together but couldn’t synchronize our schedules – until we found out we’d be in Paris at the same time.

    I look forward to seeing where you’ll take us in the New Year.

  13. Marcia 13 January 2014 0118 #

    Oh and thanks for the info on the spam blocker. I’ve been test driving Mollom, which is working surprisingly well. No spam for 3 days now.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 January 2014 1925 #

      Fingers crossed for much less spam in 2014.

  14. Dave 27 January 2014 1244 #

    These pictures are absolutely amazing and so beautiful, it will be so hard to choose which one more beautiful than others.

  15. Joshuagk 29 January 2014 1826 #

    Hi Sophie !
    I found that you love photography.
    If you please, you could visit my website and give some comments for my photos.
    I will be glad if you want to give me some comments.


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