Interested in the curious and wonderful continent that is Africa? Then begin your exploration with these Africa travel stories.

Latest Africa travel stories

Karnak: the largest ancient religious site in the world

Friday 4 January 2008 We're up early, 5 am, so we can experience Karnak before the crowds. Situated right outside Luxor, Karnak Temple is the largest ancient religious site in the world. An impressive avenue of ram-headed sphinxes connects it with Luxor Temple.   Karnak is a place of records: everything here seems to be the biggest and tallest. Its [...]

On the road in Egypt

Thursday 3 January 2008 Getting up at 0345 is not particularly child-friendly. Luckily, my daughters are easygoing. They look forward to sailing the Nile and seeing Egypt. A six-hour flight later, we land in Hurghada. Now, I won't knock Hurghada, because I didn't see all of it, but apart from beautiful beaches, grand resorts along the Red Sea coast and [...]

Thoughts of Zimbabwe

Isixula Marondera artwork Zimbabwe today The Sydney Morning Herald Online, that little glimpse from the other side of the world, continues to feed me with inspiration and reminders – even those that have nothing to do with Oz. Today, my eyes were drawn to an article about Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, who has just been arrested for political rallying [...]

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