The Americas – north, south and central, and the Caribbean – have loads to offer. Have a look through our America travel stories for inspiration.

Latest Americas travel stories

In transit, the Oklahoma edition: Americana

Rick's Fine Chocolates and Coffees, 26 October 2019 Not exactly my commute - Guthrie, OK edition Working in a chocolaterie in small town America today. Strangely mindboggling. More so than it would be on a Thai beach. Or a sidewalk cafe in Almaty. This isn’t any small town, you see. Exotic, yet home. Different, yet familiar. Venue of many of [...]

By |26 October 2019|Oklahoma, Real-time, Travel through time|

In transit, the New York edition: All in the name of efficiency

JFK, 18 Oct 2019   Friday tip on how to unintentionally make friends at airports. Picture the scene: Airport security, pretty busy, couple hundred people in line. Finally my turn. I go through that machine where you raise your arms above your head – and come out with a yellow warning dot on the screen, which means I have to [...]

By |18 October 2019|New York, Real-time|

Oak Alley, a classic Southern Antebellum Plantation (Day out New Orleans)

By Alexandra Redisch in Vacherie, Louisiana Have you ever wanted to visit a southern plantation? In New Orleans, I visited two. The first was the unusual Creole plantation Laura - very different from what we think of as a typical southern plantation. Now it's time to have a look at the classic Antebellum mansion - with the white Greek Revival [...]

By |27 May 2016|Daytrip, Louisiana|

Maritime Canada road trip (Atlantic Coast)

Canada is in demand these days. The country has a progressive and wildly popular prime minister, and Americans are once again looking to flee north. But this isn't a political blog. It's a travel blog. And summer is coming. Road trip! The open road! The vast spaces! The freedom to stop whenever you want! Is there a better way to see [...]

A Day Like Any Other Day

It's a chilly winter day and I'm in the state where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. The Sooner state, the Boomer Paradise, the core of Tornado Alley, the only state with an active oil rig next to the state capitol building. Lately, also home of earthquakes, very possibly man-made. Among all the nicknames, my favourite is Land of [...]

Chasing ghosts in New Orleans

By Alexandra Redisch in New Orleans Have you ever been chasing ghosts in New Orleans? This delightfully spooky city just beckons us to come ever closer, to hear just one more spine-chilling story. When we were in town, my mum, my little sister and I joined a haunted history ghost tour and we all enjoyed it heaps. Our little group met [...]

World at a Glance: Black Rocks and petroglyphs in St Kitts

There's more to little St Kitts than great beaches and UNESCO listed military installations. This tiny Caribbean nation is also home to black rocks and rock carvings. OK, I hear you say. Rock carvings are interesting. But black rocks? I'm glad you asked. At one of the spots where the wild Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean, these odd rocks by the shore are [...]

Laura Plantation – Portrait of a Creole family (Day out New Orleans)

By Alexandra Redisch in Vacherie, Louisiana At the earnest insistence of my three children, Lollie, Daisie and Charlie Jr., I write the memories of my childhood days on the old plantation in Louisiana for them. I have concluded to do so, before my memory begins to fail me, for I realise that I am the last one of my generation [...]

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