The Americas – north, south and central, and the Caribbean – have loads to offer. Have a look through our America travel stories for inspiration.

Latest Americas travel stories

Huatulco secrets?

Writing postcards Snow is falling outside my window. It's undoubtedly beautiful. And cold. The summery memory of this little harbour at the foothills of the Sierra Madre makes the day a little warmer. Here's a little photo essay. Where: Huatulco, State of Oaxaca, Mexico Huatulco secrets? Huatulco is a cruise port. I always wonder what happens in the little towns after [...]

Facades of Cartagena – a photo story

The girls and I recently sailed through the Panama Canal and stopped - all too briefly - in the beautiful, beautiful Colombian city of Cartagena. Cartagena architecture Strolling through the lively old city, I was struck by the vibrant colours of the colonial architecture. Seemed to go well with the sultry heat, too. UNESCO's World Heritage Committee has included the [...]

By |2 November 2011|Colombia, Magic of Cities, UNESCO World Heritage|

Where in the World 6

A new week, a new travel quiz. Where in the world is this evocative cemetery? A crisp autumn day three years ago, the girls and I walked through this cemetery. It was a melancholic walk past the graves of hopeful immigrants, of children, of those never found. Two questions this time: Where in the world is this cemetery and what [...]

Stories of flying

Recently, a friend of mine was on a plane hit by lightning. Seemed scary enough, but the pilot had quickly explained very calmly that it was nothing to worry about. A bit later the plane landed safely. Most of my stories of flying have been more funny than scary. And whenever I'm bored, I snap pictures from above. Northern Zealand, [...]

First time travel abroad: New Orleans

I took my first plane journey when I was 11 years old. My oldest daughter was 11 weeks. Times have certainly changed. Back in the 70s, Mum took my brother and me to New Orleans to a visit her cousin, Aunt Hanna - who had emigrated. It was quite the journey, involving 4 different planes and 5 airports. We switched [...]

Family-friendly Prince Edward Island

Nature is at her best in Prince Edward Island, with rolling green meadows, red sand beaches and surrounded by the sea; red sea, caused by the red earth. In fact, PEI looks just as sweet and beautiful as in the Anne of Green Gables films.

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