Amsterdam in December

A short post today, with just a few images of Amsterdam in December.

The shops are brimming with Christmassy cheer…

Amsterdam shop

… baubles, toys and fancy bags. And colours. Bright, warm colours inviting you in from the cold.

DSC02509 DSC02511

DSC02536 DSC02537


I like Amsterdam in winter. Bikes are out in all kinds of weather, of course…


The Canals of Amsterdam in December

DSC02583 DSC02587

…however, my favourite feature is the city’s waterways. On a cold winter night, the canals exude a kind of magic, the romance of times gone by. I can stand here for ages, imagine I’ve time-travelled to a different era. In my mind’s eye, I see people dressed in old-fashioned winter clothes. Some bike across the bridges. Others lean on the railings (like I’m doing), chatting, flirting, laughing…

Near Westerkerk, two young girls, hidden from the world peek carefully through a chink in the curtains at the dark water flowing past…

Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam canals

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The Seventeenth-Century Canal Ring Area of Amsterdam inside the Singelgracht is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Here are more UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world.