Experience the sights, the sounds and, not least, the enticing smells of Asia. Here are a few Asia travel stories for you to enjoy.

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World at a Glance: A Victorian Mosque in Malaysia (Day out Singapore)

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque is the state mosque of the state of Johor in southern Malaysia, just across the border from Singapore. Notice how this Islamic house of worship is built, at least partly, in a Victorian English style? There are other influences as well, of course - Moorish, and Malay - but look at the minarets. Couldn't they just [...]

By |6 September 2013|Art and architecture, Daytrip, Malaysia|

Fatehpur Sikri: UNESCO’s Ghost Town

Akbar wanted Fatehpur Sikri to be the most beautiful city ever built. But style won over substance; no easy access to water. The city was soon abandoned.

Where in the world 9

Another Wednesday, another travel quiz. I've been playing with PhotoShop and ended up with this slightly distorted image of a famous structure. And I'm in a good mood today, so I'll give you a hint right away.

Sunday snapshots – Sunrise at Taj Mahal

6:15 am Taj Mahal: romance and tragedy Even though it's a mausoleum, a funeral mosque, the Taj Mahal must surely be one of the most romantic buildings in the world. But then romance and tragedy often seem to go hand in hand, don't they? In 1631, Mumtaz Mahal, wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, dies giving birth to their 14th [...]

By |12 February 2012|India, Travel photos, UNESCO World Heritage|

Travel photo – Lombok fishing boat

Lombok fishing boat A relatively wordless post today - I think this cheerful Lombok fishing boat speaks for itself. Where: Senggigi beach on the island of Lombok, Lesser Sunda Islands group, Indonesia

By |9 November 2011|Indonesia, Islands, Lesser Sunda Islands, Travel photos|

Dreaming of Uzbekistan

I just submitted an article about Kyiv, and was reminded of my first journey there a couple of years ago. Uzbekistan came to mind. Why? Well, as I was waiting in transit at Riga airport, I noticed an Ilyushin from Uzbekistan Airways on the tarmac. I remember staring dreamily at it while sipping a so-so coffee. Uzbekistan, the country, is [...]

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