It’s autumn in Vienna and here I am, cowering behind a pillar at Starbucks. An absolute disgrace, I know. In one of the world’s coffee capitals – a city renown for its fine coffee – and I’m at Starbucks! I should be ashamed of myself. And I am. Which is why I’m cowering. It’s just that Viennese Kaffee is too strong for my taste, coffee wimp that I am. I actually like bland American coffee, even though it’s just a fraction of a flavour removed from water.

Meanwhile, I had a look at a newspaper and noticed SAS has had yet another Dash-8 accident and all of a sudden, I’m wondering whether any of my flights tomorrow are with Dash-8s. Just idly wondering, you understand.

Back to Vienna, I adore it, as always. I’m staying at Pension Nossek. It’s one of my fave lodgings anywhere. The old world style and superb location aside, Mozart lived here. An autumn in Vienna – in 1781 – he walked these streets and lived in this building. Can’t get much better than that.

Autumn in Vienna – and Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is on – with beer and wine (!). Very civilized, too – with proper glasses, no cans or plastic cups. I leave a € 2.5 deposit and take my wine glass along as I stroll along elegant Graben street, planning tomorrow’s shopping spree.

A Persian rug for the study? Hm… At Adil Besim, the Rubia Kairo is only € 4 300 – a bargain. Also, I see Cartier has a gorgeous Orchid ring for € 6 000. Perhaps a watch to go with it, too? Could that Ballon Bleu de Cartier be something? It’s only €18 000. Oh, and a few of those chubby pens at Mont Blanc.

Luckily, tomorrow is Sunday. Also, I really only wanted the pen. And just the fact that I’m talking about pens and not laptops warms you to me, right?

Meanwhile, I had better get me some more of that wine. Just to allay my idle contemplations about defective flying machines, of course.