Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

This week’s #FriFotos* theme – autumn/fall – inspired me to add an extra post. I’ve just returned from a hectic few days in London, attending the World Travel Market and heaps of fringe fun. I took Wednesday morning off, however, to have a look at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. Even in November, arguably the greyest month of the year, this UNESCO-listed landscape garden looks beautiful.

Autumn leaves in song? All my life, I’ve been mysteriously drawn to this melody. Have a listen to Juliette Greco’s haunting rendition of Les feuilles mortes while you enjoy the photos:

The Queen’s Beasts

The Queen’s Beasts comprise 10 sculptures symbolising the different branches of Britain’s royal ancestry.

The Lion of England and The Falcon of the Plantagenets

The Orangerie, designed by Sir William Chambers

Kew Palace

This small, intimate royal palace was a country retreat for George III and his family – and where he stayed out of the public eye when he was ill. George III is best known for being mentally ill (probably a result of a blood disease known as porphyria) and for losing the colonies in the American War of Independence.

Kew Palace

River Thames, seen from Kew Palace

Autumn leaves at Kew Gardens

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The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
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