I was about to write the traditional Best of post, but let’s change things up a bit. A picture paints a thousand words, so we’ll give Instagram some attention instead. Here, without further ado, is your faves, the best nine of 2017 Instas from Sophie’s World.

Best nine of 2017

It’s all about Europe this year; home, and near to home: Norway, England, Netherlands and Czechia. Let’s go!


# 9 – Prague, Czechia

Just one of numerous fairytale street scenes from the adorable Czech capital. A youth hostel, a cash machine, your run-of-the-mill, everyday kind of place.


# 8 – Giethoorn, Netherlands

Speaking of fairytales… I’ve wanted to visit Giethoorn for years, but somehow hadn’t gotten around to it. Then an invite dropped into my mailbox! Perfect! And this tiny Dutch village on the water was everything I expected it to be. This snap: 3 miles of canals, bike paths, wooden arch bridges and 17th century farmhouses.


# 7 – Manchester, England

No, this isn’t a cathedral. It’s one of Manchester‘s two (that I know of) gorgeous old reading rooms. John Rylands Library is stunning outside and inside, and is home to one of the 49 Gutenberg Bibles remaining in the world!


# 6 – Lake District, England

2017 has been a year of long awaited travel acquaintances. Somehow opportunities kept presenting themselves, mostly just through thought, and sometimes barely that: Giethoorn, Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh, Pompeii, the Lake District. Here, a couple of local lads are braving an early April bath right outside Ambleside.


# 5 – Oslo, Norway

A collage from the venerable Bristol Hotel in Oslo, where I spent a brief workation back in January. It’s a lovely hotel, but as photos go, how this one ended up in the top 9 is a bit mystifying. I think I’ll go with atmosphere!


# 4 – Giethoorn, again

Back in the Netherlands, this one is much easier to understand! Giethoorn epitomised! I think it must be altogether impossible to take a bad photo!


# 3 – Castlerigg, England

Move over, Stonehenge! Back in the Lake District, these stone circles are from the Neolithic era as well. Would love to travel back 4500 years and see what this area was used for.


# 2 – Manchester, again

Back in Mancs, cherry trees are blossoming in Castlefield, another new acquaintance. In this cosy neighbourhood, you can wander along the canal and the old viaducts to explore the city’s industrial heritage. Or just lie on the grass, soaking up the sun, doing nothing.


# 1 – Drammen, Norway

The top spot is home! Isn’t is always… This is a collage of an enchanted January landscape just outside my front doors: frost and ice crystals. Drammen.


There you have it, folks! Your top 9 of 2017!

Best wishes for the remainder of Christmas week! May it be relaxing and invigorating and just the start to 2018 we all want.


Disclosure: Here at Sophie’s World, we travel. A lot! Sometimes, we’re fortunate to be invited by tourist bureaus and the likes. In England, I enjoyed the hospitality of Visit Britain Norway, Visit Manchester and English Lakes Hotels. In the Netherlands, I collaborated with VisitHolland and KLM. Of course I retain the right to write anything I want – or nothing at all; my bit of cyberspace, my rules. As always, as ever!