Bratislava Street Art

Where on earth do you find a man sticking his head up from a hole in the middle of the street, a paparazzi sneaking his long camera lens around a corner, one of Napoleon’s soldiers hanging on a bench in the main square of the old town, and a cherished local character from the last century?

Bratislava Street Art
Čumil the worker

In Bratislava, that‘s where.

Bratislava Street Art
Schöner Náci, a famous mid 1900s Bratislava local who walked around in top hat and tails

These bronze images and numerous other curious things to see are all part of the charm of this delightful city.

IMG_9996 Paparazzi, Bratislava
Papparazzi on Laurinski street

I have a soft spot for the Slovakian capital. It reminds me of Prague before the hordes took over. Summer is an excellent time to visit. It’s especially wonderful to slowly drift in along the Danube. Bratislava is a leisurely 1.5 hours sail from either Vienna or Budapest, lovely river views along the way.

Danube fishing cottage
Fishing cottages along the river

Along the Danube, outside Bratislava
Right outside Bratislava

Bratislava Castle
Bratislavský hrad (Bratislava Castle) seen from the Danube

Do you like street art? Perhaps you have seen Bratislava’s interesting sculptures?

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49 Responses to “Bratislava Street Art”

  1. Kim A. 6 June 2011 1416 #

    I love Bratislava, so quaint and cute. I almost stumbled over that man in the street once 🙂

  2. I love street art… that guy sticking his head out of the ground is such a creative piece of art!

  3. Michael Hodson 6 June 2011 1526 #

    how cool are these shots!

  4. Italian Notes 6 June 2011 1532 #

    I’ve never thought of going to Bratislava, but I might now. Thanks.

  5. Don Faust 6 June 2011 1825 #

    Very cool – I love street art!

    I also like the guys who do the weird 3-D chalk drawings on sidewalks – unfortunately, they don’t last. Even graffiti is pretty cool, if it’s done well.

  6. I love street art too and thought all of these statues were unique and interesting. Isn’t the guys sticking his head out of a hole in the ground dangerous for walkers? I would probably stumble over him while admiring the other sites around 🙂

  7. David from Quillcards 6 June 2011 1929 #

    I don’t recall these gentlemen from when I was there – but that was more than 10 years ago.

    I also like the city – and was only talking to someone about it just a couple of days ago, about the nice architecture and the small size of the city.

  8. David @ MalaysiaAsia 6 June 2011 1935 #

    I always love how some countries or cities promote the tourism by engaging in arts of all sorts. This is one of the examples that impress me. Too bad in Malaysia, we are still not at that level yet.

  9. Jeremy Branham 6 June 2011 2013 #

    Interesting art in Bratislava. I’ve been to Slovakia but didn’t get a chance to go to the capital. Very unique!

  10. Abby 6 June 2011 2132 #

    Ohhhh I loved these — especially the super-smiley guy. What creative statues!

  11. jamie - cloud people adventures 7 June 2011 0046 #

    for some reason when i hear the term street-art, i automatically think of spray-can style graf and stencil (which i might add im a big fan of). loving the sculptures. total respect to any city that encourages art of any form. i think it gives a city so much, rock on bratislava!

  12. Tina Klehr 7 June 2011 0244 #

    Hej Sophie — I’d love to see more of your pictures of Bratislava and I’d love to share them with Mom. The street art wasn’t there in ’73 when I was, but they look fun. The castle looks great! And the shots of the huts along the riverbank match my memory. We used to take the hyrdofoil to Vienna, loved it.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 7 June 2011 0823 #

      @Tina – It would have been so fascinating to experience Bratislava of 1973 – just 5 years after the Soviet invasion… – yet another time travelling dream…

  13. Corinne @ Gourmantic 7 June 2011 0824 #

    I love street art! It tells so much about the city and its people. I love the paparazzi one. Maybe one day there will be a travel blogger sculpture 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 7 June 2011 0932 #

      @Corinne – Wouldn’t that be something! Say, a bronze figure sitting at a cafe table with a camera, a pen and a notebook… or probably a laptop, more likely!

  14. Tim 7 June 2011 1038 #

    Love that paparazzi sculpture – everyone can feel like they’re famous (and stalked) in Bratislava.

  15. Jillian 7 June 2011 1342 #

    We loved Bratislava, like you said wonderful in the same way Prague is but without the hordes of tourists! Glad you enjoyed it so much! If you’re still there definitely take one of the free walking tours, I can’t remember the company, but ours was lead by a really interesting history student- tons of great information!

  16. inka 7 June 2011 1350 #

    Sophie, that’s a great one. I love street art and these examples are funny and gorgeous.

  17. Laurel 7 June 2011 1628 #

    I love Street Art and had no idea that Bratislava was such a happening place for Street Art, especially like the one with the one with the guy’s head sticking out of the man hole.

  18. Ssaraiya 7 June 2011 1840 #

    Such interesting street art! Never seen such a form before. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Sailor 7 June 2011 1959 #

    You have some beautiful pictures!

  20. Sailor 7 June 2011 2000 #

    I am sorry about the previous comment. Got the wrong email.
    You have some beautiful pictures!

  21. Andrea 8 June 2011 0335 #

    Love those sculptures! Last time we saw one like that was in Wellington, New Zealand – so lifelike

  22. robin 8 June 2011 1118 #

    if it reminds you of Prague before the crowds took over, I’m there!

  23. Muza-chan 9 June 2011 0922 #

    Great statues 🙂

  24. RyukyuMike 9 June 2011 1011 #

    Beautiful country and I love the statue shots you captured !

  25. Nancie 9 June 2011 1015 #

    Love these sculptures!

    Thanks for posting to Travel Photo Thursday.

  26. Kerry-ann 9 June 2011 1142 #

    I also love street art. Love the paparazzi taking photo round the corner. What a beautiful place and you have captured the essence of it well in your photos.

  27. Sensibletraveler 9 June 2011 1604 #

    I love art in public spaces, especially the first photo of the worker at ground level.

  28. Vi 9 June 2011 1631 #

    Hmm…I have been in Bratislava, but missed that paparazzi :/

  29. Grace 9 June 2011 1943 #

    Cumil the worker is a pretty clever piece. If I was walking down the street in the dark this would really have me jumping back!

  30. Cathy Sweeney 10 June 2011 0125 #

    I do like street art and these sculptures are great. When you come across something like this the first time, it’s so unexpected. I especially like “Čumil the worker”.

  31. Michael Figueiredo 10 June 2011 0308 #

    Cool shots! I love street art too, especially some with a sense of humor 🙂

  32. Sonja 10 June 2011 1802 #

    The man in the manhole would never be allowed in the U.S. – too much of a tripping hazard and legal liability. Europeans are so much more sensible.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 11 June 2011 1032 #

      @Sonja – Lawyers just don’t have the same powers over here 🙂

  33. Suzy 10 June 2011 1823 #

    I had heard about some of these sculptures before and it made me want to go see them for myself. It is amazing people don’t trip over the manhole guy, or maybe they do!

  34. Leigh 10 June 2011 1932 #

    What a superb set of photos. Someone had a sense of humour in the city – looks like its well worth visiting.

  35. Jason 11 June 2011 1512 #

    I’ve never been to Bratislava and I’ve heard it is worth a visit. I’ve always wanted to get back to Prague — it’s been 20 years — and I hope I’m not disappointed. Perhaps I should just skip that and go straight to Bratislava. I enjoyed your photos, as well.

  36. Trans-Americas Journey 11 June 2011 2247 #

    Great fun street art. Never been to Bratislava… one of these days.

  37. Tijmen 13 June 2011 1834 #

    These looks great, especially love the man sticking his head up from a hole in the street.

  38. Angela 14 June 2011 1335 #

    Great shots, what an imagination for statues!

  39. Turkey's For Life 15 June 2011 0635 #

    First of all, I love street art! We were in Antalya earlier this year and to be honest, it was a bit boring till we spotted all the inconspicuous street sculptures. Brightened up the weekend.
    Secondly, gutted to find out you can sail from Bratislava to Budapest. We travelled through Eastern Europe a while back and took a bus from Krakow to Budapest – via Slovakia – and both of us wanted to see Bratislava. Oh well, it’s an excuse to head that way again sometime. 🙂

  40. Sofia - As We Travel 24 June 2011 1340 #

    We just arrived in Bratislava today, such a cute old town, and I love the many statues here!

  41. Denise 15 July 2011 0721 #

    I’ll be in Bratislava for a couple of days for a friend’s wedding. Looking forward to doing some exploring

  42. Elizabeth K 7 September 2011 2213 #

    I was enamored with Bratislava’s quiet charm when I had the opportunity to visit several years ago as a student. In addition to the ‘street art’ captured in these photos, Bratislava’s urban exterior shows off the artistic capacity of graffiti artists and others who utilize less conventional means of personal expression.

    I had the chance to meet several Bratislavan highschoolers when I visited, and spent a day with them in their classes. The principal had allowed his students to paint the entirety of the school with surreal illustrations culled from their daydreams and imaginations. Their school had a sense of vibrancy and life many American highschools lack.

    I hope to return to Eastern Europe and continue exploring, while meeting more young people along the way. I recently became TEFL certified through this program, which I highly recommend:

    looking forward to getting back overseas!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 7 September 2011 2309 #

      @Elizabeth – Wow, sounds like you had a a unique experience in Bratislava. I agree, this little capital does have a quiet charm. I usually try to fit in a visit – be it ever so brief – whenever I’m in the ‘neighbourhood’.

  43. Adam 9 March 2014 2252 #

    Lovely post 😉 I was born in Bratislava and I know all the places from your photos 😉

    Thanks for sharing nice pictures and a lovely post.

    BTW: the papparazi is not there anymore ;( I wanted to make some pictures with him this weekend and the restaurant is closed…


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