Where on earth do you find a man sticking his head up from a hole in the middle of the street, a paparazzi sneaking his long camera lens around a corner, one of Napoleon’s soldiers hanging on a bench in the main square of the old town, and a cherished local character from the last century?

Bratislava Street Art
Čumil the worker

In Bratislava, that‘s where.

Schöner Náci, a famous mid 1900s Bratislava local who walked around in top hat and tails

These bronze images and numerous other curious things to see are all part of the charm of this delightful city.

Papparazzi on Laurinski street

I have a soft spot for the Slovakian capital. It reminds me of Prague before the hordes took over. Summer is an excellent time to visit. It’s especially wonderful to slowly drift in along the Danube. Bratislava is a leisurely 1.5 hours sail from either Vienna or Budapest, lovely river views along the way.

Fishing cottages along the Danube

Just outside Bratislava

Bratislavský hrad (Bratislava Castle) seen from the Danube

Do you like street art? Perhaps you have seen Bratislava’s interesting sculptures?

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