When I began a sporadic little series Cats of the World a few years ago, this hot pink spandex cat on a bike in Brussels is not the type of cat I had in mind.

Cats are indeed photogenic creatures, and so is this kitty. No surprise, really, that this kitty is indeed in Brussels, a city of comics, if ever there was one. On my last visit in January, I was lucky to stumble upon Brussels Ice Magic during its last few days in town. Also, as I adore TinTin, I wandered about one night to see all the fabulous street art honouring Hervé’s intrepid young journalist. Loads had popped up since my last visit.

This kitty was simply a bonus one late night on the way to A la mort subite. Seems I can’t ever be in Brussels without being dragged along persuaded to stop by this ubiquitous watering hole. Kitty is just a few metres away, at the back entrance of the wonderful Galeries Royales. Had I a ‘weird and wonderful’-series here on Sophie’s World she would fit perfectly.

Though I keep calling her Kitty, her actual name is La Cycliste. She was created by French artist Alain Séchas, made of fiber polyester and metal, and cost the city of Brussels a whopping 100 000 euros, but probably worth the investment as a tourist photo op. In the artist’s own words:

A cat goes well with people and a bike goes well with the city.

Other slightly sarcastic works by Séchas can be seen in various cities around the world.

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