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World at a Glance: The place where the gods were created – and high heels

What does Teotihuacan have to do with stilettos? Nothing, really… except I’m reminded of several local women standing on top of the Pyramid of the Moon alongside me, in their impossibly high heels, looking out on the Avenue of the Dead. I can’t help but wonder what the women of ancient Teotihuacan would think, looking […]

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The cliff divers at La Quebrada

For nearly 100 years, cliff divers have been flying off Acapulco’s La Quebrada, extreme sport performers long before that was a common term.

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The Hollywood Gang Hideaway

On a dramatic cliff in the hills above a large, brawling city, there’s a hotel. A deliciously kitsch, bright pink Hollywood hideaway in Acapulco, a secret refuge for film stars in the 1950s. Now, we only stopped for the spectacular ocean views, and for drinks on a hot day, so this will not be a […]

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Huatulco secrets?

Writing postcards Snow is falling outside my window. It’s undoubtedly beautiful. And cold. The summery memory of this little harbour at the foothills of the Sierra Madre makes the day a little warmer. Here’s a little photo essay. Where: Huatulco, State of Oaxaca, Mexico Huatulco secrets? Huatulco is a cruise port. I always wonder what happens […]

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