World at a Glance: Tendaba airport terminal 3

I was on my way from Banjul to the bush camp at Tendaba in a 4x4, a brutally long trip in scorching heat, when we stopped at Tendaba Airport to stretch our legs. The little airport didn't get much use back then, although the occasional aircraft [...]

2020-06-30T18:26:31+01:0021 August 2013|Gambia, Quirky corners|

World at a Glance: Kunta Kinteh Island

Many years ago, I was sailing on the River Gambia, and stopped here at what was then known as James Island. The tiny, yet important, island was renamed Kunta Kinteh Island in 2011. The River Gambia gave Europeans access to Africa's mysterious interior. Many were [...]

2014-10-25T10:29:57+01:0024 July 2013|Gambia, Islands, UNESCO World Heritage|
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