Neum: where Bosnia and Herzegovina touches the sea (Day out Dubrovnik)

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a landlocked country. Except here at Neum. This little stretch of land along the Adriatic is the country's only access to the ocean. If you've ever taken the bus from north to south in Croatia, along the Adriatic highway, you may [...]

2020-08-27T15:00:26+01:0014 April 2014|Bosnia & Herzegovina, Daytrip|

Republika Srpska: Pretty Trebinje (Day out Dubrovnik)

Are you old enough to remember the Balkan wars of the 1990s? The feeling of horror that such a thing could happen in Europe yet again, less than 50 years after the last war on the continent? Seems we never learn. As a result of [...]

The old bridge in Mostar (Day out Dubrovnik)

This week's #frifotos* theme is symbols. What first popped into my mind was Stari Most. I think the old bridge in Mostar is one of the most powerful symbols there is: of multiculturalism, of how people of different religions can co-exist, how reconciliation can actually [...]

Where in the world 4

Up for another guessing game? Where in the world is this? This scenic valley isn't first and foremost on the minds of its visitors. Though not yet formally recognized by the Vatican, this week's mystery location is where six kids spotted Virgin Mary 30 years [...]

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