Vatnajökull: waterfalls, glaciers, fire and ice. (Day out Reykjavik)

I seem to be having a thing for glaciers lately and can't help but sharing it with you good folks. Luckily, I live in a part of the world where they abound; not only in Norway but in some of our neighbour countries as well. [...]

2019-10-16T14:32:24+01:0016 October 2019|Daytrip, Iceland, UNESCO World Heritage|

Inside the glacier (Day out Reykjavik)

I'm looking out at the tonnes of snow covering my back garden today, and my thoughts drift west, to Langjökull. Langjökull, you say? That sounds suspiciously like the li'l thing that spread volcanic ash all about the place not too long ago, stopping air traffic [...]

World at a Glance: Snorri’s hot tub (Day out Reykjavik)

Do you remember I mentioned Snorri Sturluson in this post? Teller of tales, scribe of sagas, author of adventures, narrator of novels, editor of epics? Some say he was the most important writer of all in medieval times. Snorri is the reason we know as [...]

2020-08-27T12:33:32+01:003 January 2018|Daytrip, Iceland|

Law & Order: Thingvellir edition (Day out Reykjavik)

I come from a long line of people going west. At the turn of the century (19th/20th), many Norwegians left home for America, some for a brief spell and some forever. Some to try their luck, some for curiosity, some just for the kicks: a new [...]

2020-08-27T12:34:18+01:0013 December 2017|Daytrip, Iceland, UNESCO World Heritage|

World at a Glance: Hraunfossar and Barnafoss waterfalls in Iceland (Day out Reykjavik)

If it weren't for Snorri Sturluson, we wouldn't know very much about the Vikings. The famous poet and sagateller was from Reykholt in Western Iceland. Appropriate then, that you'll find nature steeped in stories near his farm Snorrastofa. Hraunfossar (meaning lava falls) streams out of [...]

2020-08-27T12:35:39+01:0021 November 2016|Daytrip, Iceland|
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