Idle musings along the Nile

Sunday 6 January 2008 - still relatively early. It’s 0930, we’ve come back from Kom Ombo, had breakfast and the girls are resting in the cabin. I am on the sun deck, watching life and scribbling notes as we drift slowly up river. Food for [...]

Kom Ombo, the Crocodile Temple

Very early Sunday 6 January 2008: Another bright and early morning - up at 0530 - for an early visit to the temple at Kom Ombo before the crowds. Increasingly, I mind less and less having to get up before the sun. Today, it feels [...]

Exploring the temple at Edfu

The Edfu Temple is the best preserved in Egypt, perhaps in all of antiquity. The pylon here is an impressive 56 metres high, taller than the one at Karnak.

Karnak: the largest ancient religious site in the world

Friday 4 January 2008: We're up early, 5 am, so we can experience Karnak before the crowds. Situated right outside Luxor, Karnak Temple is the largest ancient religious site in the world. An impressive avenue of ram-headed sphinxes connects it with Luxor Temple. Karnak is [...]

On the road in Egypt

Thursday 3 January 2008: Getting up at 0345 is not particularly child-friendly. Luckily, my daughters are easygoing. They look forward to sailing the Nile and seeing Egypt. A six-hour flight later, we land in Hurghada. Now, I won't knock Hurghada, because I didn't see all [...]