Bringing the world home: Food, the Lebanese edition

So, what's your favourite cuisine again? We've covered Italian food. What else do you like? Mexican? I do. It's not love, but a pretty decent like. I had super fresh guacamole every day when I was in Mexico last. Yum! What about Eastern European? I [...]

2 Saida highlights: a photo-essay (Day out Beirut)

A highlight of a recent visit in Lebanon was Saida. Sidon is the city's ancient, and possibly better-known, name. Legend has it, Sidon is named after the great grand-son of Noah (chap whose family had to repopulate the earth after a great flood, remember?) However cool that [...]

2020-08-27T13:19:49+01:008 September 2018|Daytrip, Lebanon|

Baalbek, Anjar and wine: 3 highlights of the Bekaa Valley (Day out Beirut)

Crossing Mount Lebanon, I'm now deep into the Bekaa Valley, in Heliopolis. You might know it better as Baalbek. This is Hezbollah country, visible by the militant organisation's characteristic flag - green logo on yellow background -  but not much else. My first glimpse of [...]

2020-08-27T13:19:07+01:0031 July 2018|Daytrip, Lebanon, UNESCO World Heritage|

Hiking Qadisha Valley and the Cedars of God (Day out Beirut)

Lebanon is a small country packed with sights and landscape of great variety. There's winter and summer in one day (ski Mount Lebanon in the morning, chill at the Mediterranean beaches in the afternoon), there's the bustling nightlife in Beirut, there's jaw dropping remnants of [...]

Yet another day out Beirut: Byblos, the world’s oldest city?

Is ancient Byblos the world's oldest continually inhabited city? Others make the same claim: Damascus and Aleppo in neighbouring Syria, and Jericho in Palestine, also in the general vicinity. Byblos was founded 7 000 years ago. Some say 9 000, some say 10 800. Either [...]

The Palmyra Hotel in Baalbek: Wacky, Weird and Wonderful

We don’t write heaps of accommodation reviews here on Sophie’s World. Can’t be just any boring old accoms, you see. It has to be unique, like a lighthouse, say. Or a shipping container. Or an exceptionally beautiful hotel. Or a combination hotel/refuge for asylum seekers/artists' [...]

2020-02-16T15:35:13+00:0028 May 2018|hotels & lodgings, Lebanon|
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