Pisa: Field of Miracles

Campo dei MiracoliField of Miracles: how wonderful is that name!Wonderful - and apt, I think. I can easily picture this as a centre of miracles: the blue sky, the green grass, the wonderful white constructions, the warm Tuscan terracotta wall: it's all rather stunning.The official [...]

Bringing the world home: Food, the Italian edition

It's fair to say this is not a food blog. Furthermore, my kids will tell you I'm not in the kitchen all that frequently. As my oldest likes to remind me, many were the times she had to go to grandma’s house if she wanted [...]

24 August 79: A Day Like Any Other (Day out Rome)

It’s a scorching hot August day, much like that fateful August day 1 938 years ago, I imagine. And much like the residents in 79 must have done, I’m walking the streets of this once wealthy Roman town, then home to 15 - 20 000 [...]

A Tale of Two Villas (Day out Rome)

30 kilometres from Rome, you’ll find two villas. Two very different villas. In fact, the only thing they have in common is being on UNESCOs list of properties worthy of special protection for the future. The bus from Rome (from the station Ponte Mammolo on [...]

In transit, the Italian edition: Everyone loves Italy

Tivoli, 31 August 2017 Italy seems to be everyone's favourite country. People love the bureaucracy, the nepotism, the overtly corrupt politicians, the lack of equality and women's rights, the still living at home when they're 35, waiting for the parents to die so they can [...]

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