Pets, pools and pennies at the Hemingway House, Key West (Day out Miami)

The Hemingway House: A story about Ernest Hemingway could easily include subtitles about his books, his children, his wives, his travels, his cats...

Blaze – and holidays at home

Experiencing this contrasting world of ours first hand is an integral part of my daughters' education. However, a lifestyle involving loads of travelling - and often travelling impulsively - can have its drawbacks. The major one, according to my children, is not being able to [...]

Flirting with Fate in the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands roads are spectacular, not least Oyggjarvegur, the mountain road from Torshavn, the archipelago's tiny capital, towards the northern islands. But then, nothing less is to be expected in the world’s best island-destination. In places, there are no barriers between us and a 1000-foot [...]

Lamenting lost love in the Azores

On the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores, from the vantage point Vista do Rei, you'll have a fabulous view of the twin lakes by the seven little villages – Sete Cidades - at the bottom of a volcanic crater. One lake appears blue, [...]

The Devil’s Wedding and the cats of Tallinn

About time for a new installment of the infrequent Cats of the World series and today we've come to the cats of Tallinn, the adorable little capital of Estonia. Tallinn's UNESCO-listed wonderful old town is a spooky, exciting place - full of lore. The Devil's [...]

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