World at a Glance: The Memorial in the Engadin Valley

Thumbing through photos, I'm reminded of a little memorial I once saw in the Engadin Valley. On Piz Nair mountain just above St Moritz, I spotted a glass box in the distance. Practically pulled over, I was. By a strong impulse. Curiosity - and something else. There was no way I was not scrambling over to investigate.

2019-12-16T13:35:57+00:0026 March 2018|Idle musings, Switzerland|

Altkunkendorf: Ancient beech forest and a hypnotic village (Day out Berlin)

Trees! In my search for world heritage, the important places on the planet, those worthy of special protection for the future, I sometimes find myself in somewhat curious situations. This time, I am looking for trees. Beech trees, to be specific. Fagus sylvatica. Of course, [...]

In transit: Everyone loves Italy

Tivoli, 31 August 2017 Italy seems to be everyone's favourite country. People love the bureaucracy, the nepotism, the overtly corrupt politicians, the lack of equality and women's rights, the still living at home when they're 35, waiting for the parents to die so they can [...]

2020-04-27T21:00:51+01:0031 August 2017|Idle musings, Italy, Real-time|

Chasing shadows in Czechia (Day out Prague)

I'm a paranormal investigator. For the night. Well, no, I am not. Not really. I cannot even call myself a believer. But Victoria can. I've just met this blonde, fresh-faced Brit - from somewhere just north of London. She tells me she has degrees in [...]

World at a Glance: Defenestration of Prague

'Defenestration,' he said, the stranger who came up to me as I leaned out the castle window. Or snuck up on me, rather. Silent as a panther he was. A tuxedo-clad panther, with grey eyes. Steel. Eerily magnetic. View from Prague Castle I must have [...]

2017-10-10T15:41:34+01:0022 August 2017|Czech Republic, Idle musings|

A Postcard to Dorrigo

Driving from Armidale to Coff's Harbour with my oldest daughter some years ago, I spot a sign for Dorrigo. The name sounds familiar. But why? We're at the other end of the world, after all. In Australia. And not Sydney or Melbourne, but inland Australia. [...]

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