11 most popular Instagrams in December 2014

Our 11 most popular Instagram photos last month are all from South-East Asia for a change. Let's delve right in: At the top of the list are two photos of Buddha - or rather, images of the Buddha, both from the ancient Thai capital Ayutthaya. 1. From Watyaichaimongkol Temple, [...]

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Most popular Instagrams in November 2014

I'm enjoying Instagram more and more. The majority of last month's faves are from Southern Norway. But let's let the photos speak for themselves; here are our most popular Instagrams in November. 1. Finnemarka, Norway http://instagram.com/p/vYpj3HPSEW/ The single most popular photo is this forest scene [...]

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Most popular Instagrams in October 2014

October began in Gdansk for all three of us, and we'll get back to this fascinating city on the Baltic soon enough. Along with Copenhagen, Gdansk proved a popular subject from the iPhone lens last month; and just like in September, the cityscape of Gdansk [...]

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Most popular Instagrams in September 2014

I'm really enjoying playing with Instagram, and thought I'd bring it home to Sophie's World more. So here's a new little series, a regular one this time, of popular Instagrams. Now, I could create posts with my personal favourite Instagram photos, but I'd much rather [...]

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Five reasons to visit Banaue in the Philippines

Today, I'd like to introduce you the two Polish travel bloggers behind eTramping. Agness and Cez have recently visited the Philippines and are keen to share the beauty of the rural areas, the little towns and villages. Here are five reasons to visit Banaue. The [...]

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