Sardinia. And Sardinians.

To get from Alghero to Corsica, we take a bus north to Santa Teresa di Gallura, then a ferry onwards to Bonifacio in southern Corsica. We have with us an inimitable guide, Marco. Along the way, we're treated to wonderful stories about Sardinia and Sardinians. [...]

Thoughts of Zimbabwe

Isixula Marondera artwork Zimbabwe today The Sydney Morning Herald Online, that little glimpse from the other side of the world, continues to feed me with inspiration and reminders – even those that have nothing to do with Oz. Today, my eyes were drawn to an [...]

In transit: 20 countries in 20 days! Is he mad?

26 september 2006 On the Post bus Here on the Post bus from Liechtenstein to Austria is a man on a mission: a rather hurried jaunt across Europe - 20 countries in 20 days. Including a long trans-continental flight at either end. He looks dazed [...]

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Reminiscing about the Croc man: Here’s to you, Steve Irwin

I was about to write a post about Girona, but the news about the Crocodile Hunter made me want to reminisce about another journey instead. For all his antics, it's sad that such a presence, such energy, just stopped being. Three years ago, I lived [...]