Just returned from Trondheim – or Nidaros, as the old Viking king Olav Trygvasson called it. Or actually, Niðaróss. But we’ve long since dropped those Old Norse letters. In this country, at least. What it means? Mouth (óss in Old Norse) of the River Nid, presently Nidelva River. There you have it, folks. Save it for quiz night.

Although the capital was later moved to Oslo, Nidaros remained the centre of Norway’s spiritual life until the Protestant Reformation.

Trondheim is Norway’s ultimate party city mostly because it’s home of NTNU – the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where my oldest daughter has just begun studying archaeology (funny how I can have an 18-year-old and still be 29, what?).

I was a student too, at least for the weekend, doing a refresher course in Italian, mostly because I think it’s a sexy language.

Trondheim at the beginning of the autumn term is teeming with life. Aside from roaring drunks in the streets Saturday night and a smashed up bus stop Sunday morning, it’s a great city with everything on offer. The sun even cooperated nicely and Sunday brunch outdoors at Godt Brød was great. And I’m sure they’ve fixed the bus stop by now.

If you’re considering doing a semester or two in Scandinavia – and you should – spend no more time researching your options. NTNU and Trondheim is where you should go. And there you have that.