The main purpose of our Danish road trip has been to set up Alex’ student flat in Copenhagen. Naturally, we spent loads of time in Ikea, always a slightly painful experience. But I did it, that’s how great a mum I am. And I discovered Lyngby!


Fortunately, Ikea is in the Copenhagen suburb of Gentofte, which is near another suburb, lively little Lyngby, full of cafés and shops and people out. Typical of Denmark, most shops are small and unique, no boring chain shops. I quite like that; it’s so civilized, somehow.

One benefit of a driving holiday is not having to think about limited space in a suitcase or an overhead compartment. That’s how I ended up with a gorgeous large black velvet lamp shade, which matches … nothing else I own. Looks absolutely fabulous, though.


Can’t be in Copenhagen without visiting Tivoli Gardens, especially not with kids along. It’s a beautiful amusement park from 1843, the world’s second oldest, in fact. (The world’s oldest amusement park, Dyrehavsbakken, is also in Copenhagen, by the way – Danes obviously like pleasure gardens). According to Wiki, after a visit to Tivoli about 100 years after its opening, Walt Disney was inspired to create Disneyland wanting to emulate Tivoli’s

happy and unbuttoned air of relaxed fun.

Tivoli Gardens also hosts concerts. When we visited, Danish – Norwegian band Aqua was to perform at ten o’clock, so from five onwards, the crowds steadily increased. Never knew Aqua was so popular – enormously long queues outside, too.

Luckily for me, Tivoli now offers a new oasis: the lovely outdoor Chaplon Tea House, serving fresh teas of every kind, surrounded by flowers, next to the big beautiful fountain near the Chinese gate.