By Alexandra Redisch

When Blacks contacted Sophie’s World and asked if we would test some of their products, it suited me perfectly as I was in dire need of a new winter coat. Winters in Norway can be long and cold, with metres of snow and temperatures sinking to a staggering -25° (and that’s just here in the south). Luckily, that doesn’t happen too often, but I still knew that when choosing a new winter coat, it would have to be something that could withstand the cold. I had a perusal through Blacks’ web site, and settled on the Jack Wolfskin Womens’ Ice Guard coat.

cruelty free coat

Cruelty free coat

There were many other makes and models to choose from, but this ticked all my boxes: I wanted a cruelty free coat (no down or fur here, thank you!), not too big and bulky, knee length, easy to move about in, could withstand said cold and snow, completely water and wind proof, removable hood – all in all, quite a list! In short, I wanted a coat I could use for my walk to work, as well as walks (and playing) with my dog. Also, Jack Wolfskin is a brand I know is known for their quality sports and outerwear, which is always reassuring.

unnamed 2

Stay warm using your own body heat

Although I stay away from down, I was a bit skeptical as to how a coat without it could manage to keep me warm in cold temperatures, but I am pleased to say the Ice Guard does the job wonderfully! The coldest it has been in my neck of the woods this year is -14°, and the coat has kept me snug all day long. This is because of the insulation technology used: the Microguard Silver synthetic insulation utilizes metallic particles that reflect body heat, so you’re essentially using your own body to keep yourself warm (as opposed to the body of some poor goose). The outer fabric is polyester with a tear resistant agent, and there are fleece-lined areas internally, giving extra warmth. Also, the coat is really light weight, and not as bulky as a traditional down coat.

Thumbs up from me!

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Disclosure: I received my cruelty free coat free of charge from Blacks for review purposes. As always, here on Sophie’s World we insist on writing whatever we want (or even nothing at all).