I’ve just returned from an all too quick visit to Tanzania. Though I was mostly on the deliciously spicy (in every sense) island of Zanzibar, I managed to get a look at دار السلام as well. A look at where, you ask? Why, the Haven of Peace, of course. Or Dar es Salaam, as it’s more commonly known. At least around here.

During the last 40 – 50 years, many countries in Africa and elsewhere have moved their capital cities inland (Nigeria, Kazakstan and Brazil come to mind). Tanzania began the process in 1974; 22 years later, the move to Dodoma was finally complete. However, Dar is still home to many government offices – and it’s the country’s business hub. Ambling about the city’s streets, it felt like a capital to me.

Here are a few snapshots of one of the fastest growing cities in the world, as seen through the lens of my iPhone.

Dar es Salaam on Instagram


Dar in the early morning haze:

I like a city where I don’t feel boxed in by skyscrapers.

In fact, these two were the most towering structures I spotted.

But as always, people are the most fascinating:


That, and the sunsets, of course:

I’m forever enthralled by Africa. How about you?