Sands of Arabia

I’m drawn to the desert; I sometimes wonder whether I was meant to live in it. In one way, the desert is the complete opposite of the snow and ice of home – the temperature and the relationship with the sun. In another way, the landscapes are the same: forceful, sometimes brutal, and magically beautiful.

So as the first post on the new Sophie’s World, is my first photo of 2010. It’s not wintry Norway, but the sands of Arabia, specifically the deserts of the United Arab Emirates. I saw plenty of desert sands last year – with and without the kids. And more desert will surely come. (Meanwhile, I’ll be working on integrating the two blogs, so when you find pre-2010 posts, they’ve been successfully imported from the old Sophie’s World – fingers crossed).

Where are you going this year?
Happy 2010 everyone – and happy travels!

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