This post is by Alexandra – one of the kids of the ‘mostly with kids’ in the blog header above. Just so you know.

Do bears… shalalala in the woods?

Most of you may not know the Kate Bush/ Rowan Atkinson song “Do Bears” and it really has nothing to do with bears at all, but I love Kate Bush and I love bears so it felt natural to combine the two. The only thing missing is Kate Bush singing a song about bears and chocolate, and we’d have the whole shebang.

Participants at Travel Bloggers Unite Umbria ’12 have an amazing opportunity to win a trip to volunteer at a bear sanctuary in Transylvania, Romania, courtesy of Oyster Worldwide. How amazing is that? Combining travel with altruism is the best thing in the world (only thing missing is… Kate Bush and chocolate)!

Romania has had a special place in my heart for a while now. I was lucky enough to adopt a dog from a small town in Romania called Botosani – she is the light of my life and I cannot imagine life without her. Since adopting her, I’ve become more and more immersed into the Romanian animal welfare groups on places like facebook, and some may say I may care about this just a little bit too much – I’m one of those people that go on and on and on about animals like people who talk about their babies all the time.

If I got the opportunity to go to Romania to volunteer with bears I think my passion for helping animals would just keep growing, and it would be incredible to meet people with the same ideas about animal welfare as me. Besides – who doesn’t want to go to Transylvania? I’ve been lucky enough to go there before, and to see places like Bran Castle is truly magical (perhaps not as magical as Kate Bush, but really really close).